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Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Review and Ending Explained

*Warning: Spoilers for Ms. Marvel Ahead*

The fifth and penultimate episode of the latest entrant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ms. Marvel aired recently. The episode has been titled ‘Time and Again’. Before the release, it was said that Kamala will find her inner voice in the episode, and now we know why!

The episode takes us back to the time of the partition of India and explores the story of Kamala’s family at the time. Read on to know the full details of the episode and its ending. And yes, there are spoilers ahead!

What Happened in Ms. Marvel Episode 5?

The episode opens with the story of Kamala’s great-grandmother, Aisha. In India, 1942, Aisha is shown chased down by some attackers. She takes refuge in a village after escaping them. There she meets Hasan, an activist who provides her with food and shelter.

The two fall in love and have a child named Sana, Kamala’s grandmother. The story then moves ahead by 5 years, when Najma tracks down Aisha while she tries to flee to Pakistan, and stabs her to get back the bangle. Aisha had already given the bangle to Sana, who is separated from her father during the partition. 

Kamala has reached back in time and sees Aisha dying, who tells her she already has what she needed. Kamala then uses her powers to guide Sana and reunites her with her father Hasan. The superhero then returns back to the present time.

Kamala then finds the Veil of the Noor opened due to Najma’s strike. Fariha tries to get through the veil but ends up disintegrating. Najma decides to sacrifice herself to close the veil. As she passes through the veil, her powers are transferred to Kamran. 

Sana and Muneeba find Kamala in the alley, where Muneeba finally finds out about her daughter being the ‘light-girl’. At the end of the episode, Kamran is shown having moved in with Bruno. Kamran then notices a DODC drone outside their window, which he destroys with his newly gained powers.

Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Review

There are many good moments in the episode. Especially with Marvel now including real-life events such as partition to build the story of the superheroes. These events will help the studio’s goal of more cultural representation.

While the story had its emotions in the right place, there were a lot of events that the makers covered in under 35 minutes, so the episode felt a little rushed.

The one thing that did not work out much was the abrupt ending of Najma’s story. After all the fight when she suddenly decides to sacrifice herself, felt a bit anti-climatic.

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Plot and Release Date

The 6th and the final episode of the show will air on Disney+ on 13th July 2022. The episode will debut at the same time across the globe, which translates to 12 a.m. PT in the US, 3 a.m. ET in the US, 8 a.m. GMT in the UK, 9 a.m. CET in Europe and 1:30 p.m. IST in India.

The finale will possibly explore Kamran’s new powers and if he still stays on Kamala’s side after discovering his abilities. We might also get to see a showdown between superhero and the DODC. The finale will also somehow connect Ms. Marvel with Captain Marvel to form the basis of The Marvels.

How did you like the penultimate episode of the season? Let us know in the comments section.



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