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MoviePass Returns on Labor Day: How to Join Waitlist and Get Access?

MoviePass is making a comeback three years after shutting down but with tiered pricing. There is a waitlist starting this week for people willing to have access to MoviePass when it returns on Labor Day next month. Find out how to join the waitlist to get MoviePass when it finally returns.

MoviePass shared the exciting news of its pending launch on Twitter this monday and made the official announcement on its website. “The new MoviePass Beta App will be accessible by invite only,” it states.

When the timer reaches 00:00 the waitlist will be open for five days,” it adds. “All who join the waitlist will receive priority access to the service and 10 friend invites.”

MoviePass Set to Return Three Years After Shutting Down

MoviePass, the subsidized ticketing subscription service, is returning in beta form on Labor Day after collapsing in stunning fashion three years ago. Starting on Thursday, August 25, 2022, MoviePass will allow customers to sign up on its website to join a standby list.

The registerations will stay open for five days and MoviePass will let you know if you are selected on September 5, 2022.

MoviePass co-founder Stacy Spikes announced in November 2021 that he bought the company back after its parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics filed for bankruptcy. Earlier this year in February, he also gave a few details about MoviePass’ return including a monthly credit system.

MoviePass climbed huge ladders of success in 2017 by offering customers in any city the option see one movie each day for $9.99 a month. However, the unrealistic pricing proved to be fatal and the service died out in early 2020.

Is MoviePass coming back in 2022?

Yes, MoviePass is coming back in 2022 on Labor Day (September 5, 2022). Movie fans have been waiting for almost thee years for this day. The developments for the impending launch have started in late-2021.

Fans will likely be able to watch Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, Cillian Murphy’s Oppenheimer, and various other movies at a subsidized price.

New MoviePass Subscription Tiers

As per Business Insider’s initial report, MoviePass will return with a credit system and varying prices or tiers based on the customer’s ZIP code. The general tiers will be around $10, $20, or $30 a month.

Each tier will give the user a number of credits each other. However, neither MoviePass nor any of its spokesperson has specified the amount of credits that come with each plan. The credits required to reserve a movie ticket is also unknown at the moment.

There are many more questions left unanswered currently. It’ll be interesting to see if the service permits tickets to the new blockbusters or will limit them like their final days in the last run.

One thing we know is that the new MoviePass card will be black and won’t retain the previous red design. “More details will be shared later,” a spokesperson stated.

How to Join MoviePass Beta Waitlist to Get Access?

People who’ve been waiting for MoviePass to make a return will have to join a waitlist which will start on August 25, 2022, at 9 AM ET/ 6 AM PT and run for five days till August 30, 2022 midnight.

The process to join the MoviePass beta waitlist is fairly simple and straightforward. You don’t have to make any purchase yet as confirmed by the official website.

All you have to do is launch a web browser, visit this page, and sign up with your email address and personal information when the timer runs out. If or not you are selected to get access to MoviePass beta will be declared later.

All who join the waitlist will receive priority access to the service and 10 friend invites,” confirmed a MoviePass spokesperson. After the waitlist is over, only way to get access to the service will be via invites.

When will the MoviePass Beta Waitlist Result come out?

The results for the MoviePass Beta waitlist results will be out on Monday, September 5, 2022, when the subsidized-ticketing-service makes its much-awaited return on Labor Day. You’ll receive an email informing that you are selected for MoviePass’ beta run.

Don’t forget to claim your pass and subscribe to the new MoviePass package. You will also receive 10 invites to bring your friends on the service as well. Use them wisely.

More details about MoviePass’ return will be available in the coming days. We’ll keep you updated if it’s worth subscribing or not. For now, set a reminder to join the MoviePass beta waitlist at the earliest on Thursday.

Don’t to forget to share your reactions to MoviePass’ return in the comments.

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