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Monarca Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

There is a reason why Mexican shows have such a solid place in everyone’s binge lists. Mexican shows are one of the most popular choices for picking out all possible genres in one single show.


There are many different types of Mexican shows, but they all have in common that they are filled with drama, fights, competition and full entertainment. 

And speaking of such a combination in one show, ‘Monarca’ should be on that list. Monarca is one such show that can be picked out without any second thoughts. The most important thing here is that there is plenty of drama.

The characters of Monarca are interesting enough for you to watch them and root for them as they compete against each other in building their family into a popular brand. 

The series, which is based on the Mexican soap opera of the same name, follows the Monarcas’ complex relationships, power struggles and family feuds as they navigate Mexico’s elite world of tequila and billionaires.

The Mexican drama series produced for Netflix has delivered two successful seasons filled with drama, fights and full on entertainment. With its last installment released in January 2021, fans are a bit concerned about the future of the show. Here is everything we know so far about Monarca.

What Is The Show About?

We come across various family dramas about rich criminal families and illegal businesses with a typical plot line that says the business must be kept running in order for any inheritance to exist. Most family owned businesses often face tricky succession. This one fits the description aptly. 

The plot has plenty of drama, secrets and high-stakes decisions. It tells the story of a billionaire tequila tycoon & his family living in Mexico.

There’s also a corrupt society of big-name companies with their own wacky rules that sets an intriguing backdrop for the story.

Ana Maria, the only daughter of a business magnate and future inheritor of his corporation, returns to Mexico from abroad where she lived as part of her international upbringing despite an unexpected situation that has arisen in her father’s company.

This show evidently highlights topics that are controversial, nuanced and hardly talked about in Mexican society: to succeed you must develop a good relationship with government officials and drug dealers alike.

The social and economic issues surrounding the trucking industry in this series are based on real-life issues. In many Mexican states, where drug cartels control city roads, drivers have difficulty transporting goods to the market.

Monarca Season 3: Is It Happening?

The Mexican drama series was first premiere in 2019 when the world came across a twisted billionaire family who owns tequila in the country and gets riddled with corruption and violence.

The series was received well by the audience which led to the release of season 2 which aired in January 2021.

The show stayed in the Mexican top 10 charts for 27 days and also did well in other Latin American countries, including the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Panama and Honduras. The TV show even managed to appear on US television ratings at one point too.

Sadly, after such a welcoming response, the series does not hold a solid future. It seems like the show has come to an end, with no plans for a season 3 in sight.

That’s despite the season 2 finale leaving many questions unanswered—making it difficult (if not impossible) to recommend watching unless you had seen prior episodes already.

Why Is Monarca Getting Cancelled?

The show’s return has been in question since it premiered in January 2021. Sensacine, a Mexican entertainment outlet, has been following the news of the show’s return closely.

On March 26th, 2021 they stated that its comeback is becoming increasingly unlikely because two leads have posted Instagram photos saying goodbye to their co-stars. 

Osvaldo Benavides who plays Andrés Carranza Dávila on the show shared a post on his social media that stated that the show has ended.

His post said that he is saying goodbye to Andres Carranza and what this journey meant for him as an actor. He also thanked everyone who was a part of this project and finished his post by saying “Exit, bye”. 

Similarly, Irene Azuela who plays Ana María Carranza Dávila on the show posted on her social media indicating that the show will not return for another season.

She wrote that some stories end even when they don’t end directed towards the show which could have had more seasons but decided to end the show after season 2.

Her post included appreciation for the cast and crew. She also added that she feels glad to be part of a quality show that earned respect across countries. 

After the storm that took place with these social media takes on the ending of Monarca, it was confirmed by Juan Manuel Bernal through a Mexican publisher that said that the show has been officially cancelled by Netflix.

He also added that the cancellation came as a surprise to him as it did to the audience. He expressed his annoyance by saying that the show didn’t deserve such an ending. 

How Did Monarca End In Season 2?

In the wake of President Flores’s death, Joaquin is able to manipulate political lines and place himself at the head of Monarca. Meanwhile, Jorge Laborde is elected president of Mexico.

After Joaquin hands over management of the family business to his siblings, Sophia thinks she’s found Augustin’s murderer but it turns out that Cecilia was only trying to divert suspicion from herself.

Sophia believes that Martin is not a legitimate candidate for president due to the revelation of his affair with Ana Maria and because he was once staged by a man she paid off while investigating her father’s death.

Another shocking event takes place when an analysis of DNA samples taken from the Carranza brothers revealed that Joaquin was not, as previously thought, Fausto Carranza’s son. Ana Maria gives the sample to Joaquin and asks him to review it.

The show has ended on a hard cliffhanger and it is sad that we won’t be able to see what Monarca holds for us. But for those who found this piece enticing enough to give it a try, the series is available to stream on Netflix. 

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