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Miraculous Ladybug Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Superheroes are wonderful but watching them in animation has been an incredible experience. Animation has given the genre a bit of a kick that let people of all ages enjoy them more because of the animation that brought the characters’ stories and personalities to life.

Films like The Incredibles have created a whole new fan base for animated superheroes by portraying their struggles in ways that appeal equally to kids and adults.

They just showed the superheroes living a normal life devoid of their alter egos and opting for mainstream jobs such as insurance agents or safety inspectors instead of fighting crime.

This is sure to bring about some changes in how people perceive superhero films. If you got intrigued by that thought, we have another great recommendation for you which is Miraculous ladybug.

The story of a group of teenagers living in modern Paris is told and their superhero adventures, as they become romantically linked. Their powers are based on magical jewels that give them the ability to fight evil when it threatens the people around them.

The series has become a hit among the audience with four fantastic seasons. The last we saw our superheroes in Paris was in March with their finale episode of season 4.

Fans have been wondering if the series is coming back for another season or if it is wrapped for good. Here is everything we know so far about Miraculous Ladybug Season 5. 

Miraculous ladybug season 5: Is It renewed?

The animated superhero show first premiered in September 2015 and quickly became a hit among kids and adults. It is rare to see a mixed audience ratio for an animated show but Miraculous ladybug trapped everyone into their superhero world within one season.

The last episode we saw aired in March 2022 and a lot of people are anticipating the future of the show. 

Coming from the French company Toei Animation which has made a name for itself with its outstanding animated series, and Miraculous Ladybug is one of the most popular titles in their library with four successful seasons to date.

To bring down the heat, the show was reportedly renewed for another season and was confirmed that Miraculous ladybug will come for a season 5.

According to the creator Jeremy Zag, the renewal for season 5 was announced in the famous entertainment and comic convention CCXPWorlds. Although, there are no further updates on the series yet. 

When Is It Releasing?

According to the sources, The team behind Miraculous, the French-Canadian cartoon series about a pair of superheroes, is simultaneously working on both an animated feature and a new season.

In these episodes, Ladybug will travel around the world in search of the rare monster Kwamis who were previously defeated by other heroes in some way that’s antagonistic to our main characters’ style. Jeremy also revealed that the upcoming season will release 26 episodes.

So the current update on the arrival of the show is that it is currently in production and will soon hit the platform sometime during the end of 2022. For people who are waiting for its Netflix premiere would have to wait a little longer as the series is not coming to the streaming platform soon.

Miraculous has also been a popular show with IMDb users who gave it 7.9 out of 10 stars and 92 per cent of Google users said they enjoyed the program. Overall, 4.3 out of 5 stars have been given to the show on Google Play.

Expected Plot for Season 5

In Paris live two regular teens, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste. They both have crushes on each other but keep it a secret because they don’t want to ruin their friendship.

However, things get complicated when Master Fu gives them magical jewels called Miraculous and these transform the duo into superheroes!

There are multiple miraculous, each with a different set of powers than the others. By the end of season four, the main antagonist—Hawk Moth—had gotten hold of most of them; this made his faction much more powerful than that which protects civilians from supervillains’ attacks.

The upcoming season can show us a different side of the Miraculous Ladybug, we can expect to see our two main superheroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir attempting to recover the stolen miraculous one by one as they try to stop Hawk Moth from causing any further damage or destruction. 

Season 5 Cast

We would get to see Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Ladybug voiced by Cristina Vee in English and Anouck Hautbois in French. Adrien Agreste, Cat Noir voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in English and Benjamin Bollen in French.

Tikki would be voiced by Mela Lee in English and Marie Nonnenmacher in French. Plagg by Max Mittelman in English and Thierry Kazazian in French. Gabriel Agreste a.k.a.

Shadow Moth will be voiced by Keith Silverstein in English and Antoine Tomé in French. And Master Wang Fu by Paul St. Peter in English and Gilbert Lévy in French.

Is There Going To Be A Feature Film For Miraculous Ladybug?

During the Miraculous panel at ComiKon Istanbul 2018, Jeremy Zag (the creator of Miraculous) first introduced plans for a live-action movie based on his creation. Later that same year in October, it was announced that the film would be released in 2021.

But it did not really fit the objective of releasing the film before a concrete season 5 because of reflective narratives of both film and the upcoming season. The makers were worried that the cross-narrative scenario would affect the future of both the feature film and the series. 

It was later announced that the film’s title will be Ladybug & Cat Noir Awakening, and its genre is a romantic fantasy adventure. Michael Gracey also announced he would work on the project which came as the icing on the cake for all the fans.

There have been speculations about a 2022 release for both the film and season 5. For now, the team is working on producing a season 5, a feature film and a fun adventure comic that will be out soon. 

For now, there have been no release dates and trailers revealed for the superhero animated series but with the brewing news all over the internet, we might get something soon. 

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