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Meet the Full Cast of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8’

The eighth season of the show RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is just around the corner! Season 8 of the beloved All Stars edition of the drag queen reality TV competition will be hitting the screens on Paramount+ next month. The fans of the show can’t keep their calm.

Recently, the full cast of season 8 of the All Stars edition of the show  RuPaul’s Drag Race was revealed. Continue reading further to learn the names of the drag queens all set to compete in the forthcoming season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

What is the show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ all about?

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, the drag queen competition  RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is a spinoff of the original RuPaul’s Drag Race, which is helmed by World of Wonder, for Logo TV and then, VH1 later.

The show saw the light of day in the year 2012. In February 2020, it was announced on the official Twitter page of the show that it will be moving to Showtime. Then, the fifth season of the show was released on Showtime.

Soon after, the makers of the show went on to disclose that the show will be airing on VH1 instead of Showtime due to the COVID-19 pandemic which caused “various scheduling and programming adjustments.” In February 2021, Paramount+ used its Twitter account to announce that it will be the new home for the show’s sixth season.

In the show RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, RuPaul invites the past queens that proved themselves to have had the most successful careers once leaving the original show. In the competition, RuPaul plays the role of a host, mentor, as well as a head judge. Along with RuPaul, the other judges are as follows: Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and Ross Mathews. Every week, the contestants of the show are given new tasks.

Over the last couple of years, the format of the show RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars has changed dramatically. In the first season of the show, the drag queens teamed up in pairs of two to compete against fellow queens. From season 2 to season 6, the queens had the power of elimination instead of head judges.

On the other hand, when we talk about season 7, the drag queens were not evicted from the show instead all of them competed to win Legendary Legend Stars, which were awarded to the winners of each challenge.

The full cast of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8’ is here

The names of the drag queens all geared to compete in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 were announced on Thursday, April 20, 2023. Let us tell you, some fan favorites from previous seasons of the show will make a comeback in the upcoming season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars which will premiere on Paramount+ on May 12 with 2 episodes.

A total of 12 drag queens will be starring in the eighth edition of the show RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars and compete for a spot in the coveted “Drag Race Hall of Fame.” The winner of the show will take home a grand cash prize of $200,000. The queens set to take part in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 were unveiled via a special announcement on YouTube.

Meet the 12 queens who will be competing for the crown in ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8’

Alexis Michelle (Season 9)

Back in the day, Alexis Michelle who hails from New York City was a part of season 9 of the show RuPaul’s Drag Race. During her time on the show, she made it all the way to the top 5.

This drag queen is a Broadway baby who likes to sing and dance. She is ready to hit the stage for an encore. In episode 6 of the show, she managed to win the Snatch Game challenge for her brilliant portrayal of Liza Minnelli.

Darienne Lake (Season 6)

Darienne Lake competed in season 6 of the show RuPaul’s Drag Race. She finished her run in the competition in fourth place. This comedy queen just dropped her special “Altered Boy.” She is excited to get back on the stage and make a splash on “All-Stars.”

Heidi N Closet (Season 12)

Miss Congeniality of season 12, Heidi N Closet is back to get a hold of the All Stars crown. In the past, she won one challenge and this queen is all thrilled to prove that she’s got the ssssoft and ssssupple star power that can take her all the way to the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

Jaymes Mansfield (Season 9)

Another season 9 queen is ready to take over RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8. Jaymes Mansfield will be bringing some sparkle and shine to the show. She essayed the character of Delia Von Whitewoman in the 2021 film “The Bitch Who Stole Christmas.” She even has her own wig line.

Jessica Wild (Season 2)

Season 2’s Jessica Wild who is well-noted by fans for her wild Snatch Game impersonation of RuPaul will also be seen in All Stars. She is considered the original golden child.

Jimbo (Canada’s Drag Race Season 1, U.K. vs. the World Season 1)

Jimbo is the only drag queen who is a part of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 and has not been on the main Drag Race show. Firstly, this fan-favourite appeared in “Canada’s Drag Race.“ Then, she also starred in the first season of “U.K. vs. the World.”

Kahanna Montrese (Season 11)

Kahanna Montrese returns from Season 11 after being eliminated in episode 2. This queen who has played to audiences in Las Vegas made her way to Flamingo Hotel to perform in “RuPaul’s Drag Race Live.”

Kandy Muse (Season 13)

Muse is the queen of lip-syncs. In season 13, she told RuPaul, “Don’t play with my emotions ho. Thank you so much,” after being saved. She’s vying for the crown of All Stars now.

LaLa Ri (Season 13)

Lala is hoping to cross the finish line this time. Season 13’s fierce fan favorite picked the Golden Bootee and became her season’s Lip-Sync Assassin and Miss Congeniality.

Monica Beverly Hillz (Season 5)

In season 5 of the show, Monica Beverly Hillz made her-story when she shared her truth by becoming the second contestant to come out as a transgender woman on the main stage.

Mrs. Kasha Davis (Season 7)

The queen of reading is here! The drag queen Mrs. Kasha Davis is ready to read queens as she looks to win a maxi challenge or 10.

Naysha Lopez (Season 8)

Naysha Lopez is a drag queen who got evicted from the competition early on. She got eliminated in the initial weeks of the contest. Now, the former Miss Continental is returning for All Stars.

Are you excited for season 8 of the show RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars? Kindly let us know your thoughts on the hit show in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of entertainment.

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