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Meet Devyn Tyler as She Plays ‘Veronique’ in Snowfall Season 5

The show ‘Snowfall’ returned to the screen at FX on 23 February 2022. The fans were very quick to observe that Franklin has a new love interest in the show. Devyn Tyler will be making her series debut with ‘Snowfall.’

Who is Devyn Tyler?

Tyler is an actor by profession. She was born and brought up in New Orleans in Louisiana. She is best known for her role as Ardelia Mapp in the CBS television series ‘Clarice’.  Devyn gained profound knowledge about theatre from Houston’s High School.

She was always inclined towards acting right from the start. But before stepping her foot into the world of acting, she thought of completing her graduation first. She did B.A. from Columbia University in French and Francophone Studies.

In which movies have Devyn Tyler acted before?

The 30-year-old has previously starred in many movies like “Stuck in the Suburbs”(2004), “Now You See It”(2005), “The Great Debaters”(2007), “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”(2008), “12 Years A Slave”(2013), “Shock and Awe”(2017), “Out of Blue”(2018), “One Of These Days”(2020) and many more.

Apart from this, Devyn has also appeared in two television shows like “NCIS: New Orleans”(2014-2017) and “Underground”(2016-2017). She has successfully managed to create a place for herself in the industry. She has been a part of some huge blockbusters like Amazon Prime Video’s ‘The Underground Railroad’, HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ (2019), ‘The Purge’ (2019), and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ (2020).

What is the show ‘Snowfall’ all about?

The crime drama revolves around the story of a boy called Franklin Saint who sells drugs to make money. In no time, he becomes a part of the underworld. Now, he is a top cocaine trader in the business. Through all the seasons we have seen him juggle through his life. Whereas in season 5 of the show, we see a jump in the timeline of the show. It begins after 15 months.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Franklin is living his best life, he has around $100 million in the bank account and he has a baby on the way. He lives in a penthouse apartment. In this season of the show, we will see Franklin and his girlfriend living their life to the fullest. But you know the saying, all good things must come to an end.

More Details about Devyn’s role in ‘Snowfall’

In season 5 of the show ‘Snowfall’, Tyler will be portraying the character of Veronique who is going to be Franklin’s new girlfriend. All the fans of Devyn must be excited to see her in the show.

The role of Veronique has been described as “smart, ambitious, with a worldly sophistication but also appreciates the small things and not completely defined by her drive. She has a law degree and a killer instinct while remaining a genuinely good, honest human being with warmth and compassion.”

Apart from Devyn, the audience will also see three new members joining the show. DeVaughn Nixon, Brandon Jay McLaren, and Ascension star Tiffany Lonsdale will join the star cast of the show.

What’s next in store for Devyn Tyler?

After Snowfall, you will also see Devyn very soon creating magic on-screen. When we talk about her upcoming projects, you will next see her in a thriller film ‘Deep Water’. The movie will hit the screens on 18 March, 2022.

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  1. I love her character on the show about time the writers give Franklin a love interest and a baby a family that’s what the people’s need to see. Thank u writers and all the actors and actresses.


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