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‘Meet Cute’ Trailer Puts Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco in a Romantic Time Loop

Have you ever had a date when everything was perfect?

Right from their personality, to their taste in food and music, you both are having genuinely a great time but suddenly your blabber something stupid and making a fool of yourself.

If only, you had a time machine to go back in time and make that perfect date last for the entire time. Does not sound convincing, does it? But if Kaley Cuoco says she’s done it, will you believe it then? 

Of course yes! Only she is allowed to do such weird and cute things at the same time. The streaming platform Peacock is bringing a new time-loop romantic comedy “Meet Cute” starring Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco.

The film has released the cutesy trailer and is set to have a release this month. Check out this article to know more. 

Meet Cute Trailer Puts Pete Davidson And Kaley Cuoco in A Romantic Time Loop

The streaming platform, Peacock is on the verge of dominating the genre of romantic comedy with each clean release every month.

This one brings Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco into a rom com scenario where Kaley who is playing Sheila hunts down a date for herself and spends an enormous amount on improving the situation through a time machine. 

The trailer takes us right into a night bar where a few eyes are batted on Sheila who herself is looking for someone to share a drink with.

The next thing we see is a calm and composed guy named Gary minding his own business at the bar counter. 

Shiela approaches him and asks to have a drink with him to which both respond with the same drink orders. It all looks like a destined moment that was meant to happen until they realise that it’s not fate which brought them together sipping drinks.

Sheila admits to having travelled through the time machine time and again to improve her past versions and have the perfect date with Gary each time.

Sheila has a time machine & they keep falling in love over and over. But when the perfect night always ends too soon, Sheila travels to Gary’s past to change him into the perfect man.

We get to see Cuoco and Davidson in the spotlight, bringing the duo’s romantic journey on screen. The trailer primarily shows them on different dates and places connecting them each time to realise if they’re perfect for each other. 

When is Meet Cute releasing?

The romantic comedy is set to have a big premiere on Peacock. The film will be available to stream on September 21st. 

The film is directed by Alex Lehmann and written by Noga Pnueli. Lehmann expressed his excitement for the big release saying that “If I had a time machine right now I’d be torn.

Do I skip ahead to our release date or do I go back and relive the joy it was making this film? Lucky for me it’s a decision I don’t get to make,”

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