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Martha Stewart Intends To Go On A Date With Pete Davidson, Calls Him ‘Sort of Cute’

Kim Kardashian may be a little jealous right now because another entrepreneur is interested in going on a date with Pete Davidson. On her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday (Oct. 25), Martha Stewart, 81 played a game of “Red Flag, Yellow Flag, Green Flag”, and showed her interest in the “Saturday Night Live” alum.

‘Pete is Sort Of Cute’, Says Martha…

During her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday (Oct. 25), Martha was such a sport when it comes to picking dates. In a game of “Red Flag, Yellow Flag, Green Flag,” different dates were pitched to the American businesswoman. FYI, the green flag suggested giving it a chance, the red flag suggested a no, and a yellow meant “be on the fence”.

When Drew Barrymore suggested a date with someone who “has as many tattoos as Pete Davidson,” Martha didn’t spare the opportunity to pick up the green flag. After this, Drew confined that the hypothetical date would be with Pete Davidson. At this moment, Martha didn’t waste any time in giving it a go.

Barrymore then stated, “There’s a thing on the internet where everybody wants you to go on a date with him.” On this Stewart, 81 said that Pete has dated so many women, and added, “No, I’m not saying that’s bad. I think that’s good and he’s sort of cute.”

Everyone Loves Pete Davidson…

Martha Stewart couldn’t stop praising Davidson for his personality and mentioned that everyone loves the “SNL” alum. Martha revealed that she knows him, and he appeared on the [Justin] Bieber roast with her. “Do you remember? He was this little twerp. He was even twerpier than Bieber,” she added. 

Drew interrupted and said if everyone is speaking so highly about Pete then he surely must be a good guy. On this, Martha spontaneously said, “Oh, he is a good guy.” After this, she joked about his short relationships, by saying: “He’s a very good guy and he knows how to get in and get out.” 

Well, we all know that Martha and Pete may never happen considering the huge age difference, but I am dead sure that Pete would not hesitate in going on one date with this gorgeous and accomplished woman. But again, seems like he’s still stuck on Kim Kardashian as a close source revealed that the two still keep in touch with each other despite their split in August.

As for Martha’s personal life, the businesswoman married Andrew Stewart in 1961 and shares a daughter, Alexis with him. The two, however, separated in 1987 and divorced in 1990. After this, Martha dated Anthony Hopkins, but ended their relationship after she watched “Silence Of The Lambs”. Well, Anthony’s character of Hannibal Lecter was too much for her to take.

Martha now lives in Katonah, and maintains a 35,000-square-foot residence on Mount Desert Island in Seal Harbor, Maine, called “Skylands”, which includes gorgeous gardens. In June 2022, Martha announced that she would be coming up with a podcast, “The Martha Stewart Podcast”. Snoop Dogg appeared as a guest on her first episode, which aired in the same month. As for Martha’s revelation about Pete, we’re still awaiting his response.

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