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Marco Polo Season 3 – Renewed or Canceled?

Might be heart-breaking but it’s our job to break even the hardest of facts out to you for you to know! The same goes for Marco Polo Season 3.

Speak of historic drama and you will get Marco Polo on the top spot. Netflix was the host for Marco Polo five years back and since then fans have been on their toes to find out about Marco Polo Season 3. The series takes the audience to the early years of Marco Polo while in the court of Kublai Khan and how he got a bunch of followers.

Marco Polo Season 3

Wondering if there ever will be another Season of Marco Polo? Time to switch to everything we know about Marco Polo Season 3.

Marco Polo Season 3 – Everything We Know!

Marco Polo is a historical drama television series. The creation of the show was done by John Fusco and in the production, we had Weinstein Company.

December 12, 2014, Marco Polo had its inauguration on Netflix. Within some time, Netflix decided to have another season of the show regardless of mixed feedback of the audience about the show.

Season 1 and Season 2 of Marco Polo had ten episodes.

Marco Polo Season 3 Renewed or Not?

Hate to be the one to break it out to you but Netflix has decided to not renew Marco Polo after Season 2.

The Second Season already was a bad decision and soon after its launch, its poor performance led to the cancellation of the series on Netflix. However, if it’s any relief, the critics and viewers have mixed responses about the show. For both seasons, Netflix incurred a loss of $200 million.

Therefore, it came as a joint decision from Netflix and The Weinstein Company to cancel Marco Polo for Season 3.

Marco Polo Season 3

Oh well, for fans, it was indeed heartbreaking. They did the best they could to convince the makers to renew Marco Polo for the next season. Many petitions followed by it all failed.

For Netflix, it was a hard NO! 

Looks like, no one was interested in investing any money in the American drama series.

If you are reading this, you have your answer! I wish I could add any more comfort but send hugs.

Cindy’s Statement

Cindy Holland, the vice president of Netflix led out a statement soon after the show’s cancelation.

“We like to thank and are grateful to our allies on Marco Polo from the artists, whose performances were brilliant and top-notch; to the dedicated producers, including Dan Minahan, John Fusco, Patrick Macmanus, and their crew. They poured their hearts into the show, and of course Harvey, David, and our friends at The Weinstein Company, who were great partners from start to finish.”, she said.

Just in case we have an update, we will make sure to lead it out to you.

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  1. If it wasn’t gonna be renewed, then why did you end the show with a cliffhanger??? Why not do a movie to at least end the storyline???

    • The return of Marco Polo to Venice and his conflicts in the venetian society, where he was actually imprisoned for some time. His rise to a powerful and wealthy merchant in Venice and his coordination with someone else to have his personal story written.

  2. It’s a surprise to have cancelled it. In my opinion it’s one of the greatest shows for its genre. Season 1 was phenomenal, a timeless masterwork. Overall the characters, story and everything was awesome. Season 2 went a bit into the soap-opera direction. Must’ve been bad timing that lead to cancellation.

  3. I’m in SHOCK!!! This was an absolute brilliant series!!! I’m devastated that there will not be a season 3!!! When the second season ended all I could think was, ok this has to be a mistake!! What happens next?? I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE FINAL EPISODE!!! SERIOUSLY??? Why leave the audience hanging like that?? So frustrating after becoming so involved in this historical series. The characters were so wonderfully established, exciting and unexpected that you sat with anticipation of what their next move would be. I hope with all sincerity that NETFLIX will reconsider their decision and bring back a third season of this fantastic series “MARCO POLO”!

    • I’ve just finished watching it,expecting to see the final put all the pieces together and poof ! It finished ! Ghan taken away by Polo ! The Queen after submerging the fake princess,no more screen time! The super gorgeous wrestling Princess,no idea what happened to her ? Did the Crusade lose or destroy the Mongols ? Why wasn’t there any dead bodies in camp at the end when the 2 Princes arrived ? Hundred eyes and the cocabine ride off without knowing if hundred eyes meets up with his ex ? I loved every episode, so why didn’t Netflix just a 2 hour special ending instead of leaving so many ifs and buts ? Maybe they needed the cash to make more genderbender trans diversity BS films and TV shows 🤬 At least they have plenty of fun ,drama, action Asian movies and Tv shows. I’m a whitey Anglo Saxon but I love Korean TV/Movies,instead of the typical American efforts. Anyway c’mon Netflix put a ending together,just for us subscribers !

  4. I’m sad watch Marco Polo season 3 happen end. But Netflix make poor that lies !!!!!
    I like movie very good show action

  5. OMG! I started watching this last month. I really liked it but found out just then that there is not going to be a third series. So sad!!

  6. My husband and I started watching this series last month. We have been pacing ourselves to go through the series (even though we sometimes watched 3 epidsodes in an evening). The cast is awesome, each episode better than the next. We love historical history and each character was so well defined. We were shocked last night with the ending of Season 2… we simultaneously shouted, “SERIOUSLY????” What is the next step Netflix? Possibly a 2hr movie to close out this wonderful series.

  7. This series was a great series watched it all the way through but don’t understand why you did not finish the story it would’ve been nice to see the end of it in series 3 I don’t understand why you think it is acceptable just to end it the way they did it is obvious there was meant to be another seriesIt is a great disappointment to people who have watched both seasons one and 2 to find out there will not be a finish to it or at least make a short ending or even a film this is a great story

  8. I am going to unsubscribe everyone should do the same!! This will show them that consumers should be respected!! Opinions taken into consideration!! Please please let’s take a stand!!


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