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Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira are Engaged; Check Out Pics

I guess, they say it right, Love knows no boundaries. No age matters when two people are in love. That being said, Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira are young at heart.

The salsa singer, who was married to Jennifer Lopez, has updated the world with a very special news. Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira have been dating for months.

The salsa singer has been spotted with the young model on several occasions and now, after months of dating, the model decided to make public her feelings for him by announcing their engagement.

Yes! The couple is happily engaged and sharing their happiness with a cute post. Check out this article to know all the deets!

Marc Anthony is Engaged with Young Model Nadia Ferreira

It is official! Marc Anthony has been engaged to his much younger girlfriend Nadia Ferreira. The model has been teasing her fans all week sharing details with her followers on social media and showing off her diamond engagement ring.

After doing this all week it became apparent that she and the singer would soon be married.

A post shared by the 23 years old model says “Engagement Party!!!” with three extra exclamations which clearly depicts her excitement on stepping into a new phase of her life and embracing her relationship with Marc. 

The story shared by the Paraguayan model is a close up picture of her holding hands with newly fiance Marc Anthony flaunting the beautiful engagement ring.

The American singer’s ring finger has a black tattoo on it in the photo. In the other, the bride-to-be shows off her new square diamond. The engagement news that comes after three months of dating is still shaking peoples’ minds.

Marc and Nadia’s love flaunting on social media

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira have been in love for a few months and it is not the first time that the salsa singer and the young model have shown their affection for each other. Their Instagram posts speak for their love quite often. 

In a post shared earlier this week by the 23 year old Nadia, the engaged couple can be seen celebrating her birthday in a private plane kicking off the birthday celebration.

The picture has made fans root for their perfect pair vibes despite the age gap between the two.

In a video shared by Marc Anthony on his Instagram, the couple can be seen grooving to the Spanish beats in a fancy car ensuring somewhere.

He captioned the video “Dancing to the beats of Juan Luis” indicating that he’s warming up for his kickass show in Panama.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira have been romantically involved for quite some time now. The first glimpses of the couple together were caught in a Greek restaurant performing the “Plate breaking” ritual.

Some fans shared the video online where Marc is seen leaning for a kiss toward Nadia after breaking those plates. 

We wish the happy couple a shiny life full of love and prosperity.

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