Madhuri Dixit Nene Could Teach you how to Dance if You’re Down

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are, actress Madhuri Dixit-Nene was your dream girl. Guys were drooling after her dhak dhaks and dhumkas. 

Meanwhile, girls were glued to the mirror practicing her signature moves, killer smile and facial expressions.

She was and still is, one of the most beautiful dancers and talented actresses in the Indian film industry. Over the past several years, everyone has access to Dixit Nene’s celebrated choreography with her online dance academy, Dance with Madhuri (DWM).

Bollywood lovin’ 90’s kids rejoice!

Opening its virtual doors in 2013, DWM subscribers have access to step-by-step dance lessons. They are taught not only by Dixit-Nene but many top choreographers and dancers in the industry. Lessons are more than “hop left, shake right,” these instructors really teach you about dance. They educate with information on the history of the dance form being taught, the names of different positions, the proper form for each position, and more.

Whether you are a trained professional or just someone who loves to dance, you’ll find something to fit your skills as the lessons vary from beginner to advanced. Even if you’re just looking for an easier way to teach your severely untalented cousins how NOT to ruin your wedding performance, Madhuri has you covered!

You can log in from anywhere and practice dancing, learn from top professionals, and even get dance certifications. Sounds dope, right? It’s no surprise that 5 years later we’re still talking about DWM.

Let me break down the deets for you all.

When you register, you are automatically given your own channel which you can use to submit dance videos, connect with others, apply for jobs, and track your progress on dance lessons you subscribed to.

If you’re looking for certification, you must submit a video to the course choreography lecture where an expert will evaluate and rate your submission. Certification videos also have a bonus choreography lesson with an alternate choreography that is unlocked after course choreography submissions.

The academy offers lessons in a variety of dance forms, including Bollywood, classical Indian dance, club dance forms, latin and ballroom dance forms, street dance, contemporary dance, jazz dance, and fitness-focused dancercise videos.

There are also special lessons straight from top choreographers like Saroj Khan, Terrence Lewis, and Remo D’Souza.

DWM allows you to connect with other dancers, it offers contests and events to participate in, and plenty of opportunities for you to showcase your talent. Professional dancers have access to posting portfolios for dance institutes and allows them to post about job openings, events, etc.

Dance is not only Dixit-Nene’s passion. It’s also her not-so-secretive secret to her stunning figure. Whether you were a Dixit-Nene fan or not, this dance academy is a great way to improve your moves and stay fit. The site has a “Move” section that is more focused on getting fit through dance like how to strengthen your core or dance yoga.

This academy is not just a way to get fit, learn dance and connect with other dance lovers, it is a way for Dixit-Nene to give back and leave behind a legacy to be remembered.

 “Dancing has been my passion since the age of 3, and it just grows stronger with time,” Dixit-Nene says on the DWM site. “DWM is an expression of my gratitude to my ever-loving fans who have contributed to what I am today.”

Taking the eCommerce route, Dixit-Nene has found a way to extend her career after all these years away and reconnect with the younger generation. She is dancing her way back into our hearts and I, for one, have no complaints.