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Machine Gun Kelly Trolled Over The Spiky Suit He Wore To The AMAs 2022

Machine Gun Kelly follows many fashion trends and does not shy away from making bold fashion statements in his outfits.

During the American Music Awards, while he was walking the carpet, he made a point that made a statement that was both direct and poignant.

There Were Two Awards Nominated For Him

There are two award nominations for Mainstream Sellout, and the singer walked the red carpet proudly dressed in a purple Dolce & Gabbana suit covered in spikes, wearing a purple wool and neoprene suit with spikes on the sleeves.

The spikes that were used here weren’t just any spikes at all. Instead, several long silver spikes of gunmetal extend into the artist’s hands and legs. This makes it impossible for him to get close to anyone or sit comfortably.

MGK, 32, appeared to be avoiding the spikes all down his sides as he posed on the black carpet with his arms outwards, clearly in an attempt to cover the spikes that covered his body.

As a result, there was a little touslin’ and a lot of looseness to his platinum-blonde hair as he wore it. In addition, he wore an earring and necklace with studs. Even his boots were adorned with studs to ensure he didn’t miss out on any coordination opportunity.

There Was A Lot On The Line For The Star That Night

With the star taking home the Best Rock Artist award at the AMAs, it’s already a big night for the lead. In an interview with ABC News, Machine Gun Kelly also discussed his outfit choice on the stage, joking that the suit was “hard to pee in.”

At this year’s awards ceremony, Machine Gun Kelly is nominated for most popular rock artist and rock album, a new category for Mainstream Sellouts this year. His win last year for favorite rock artist made him the first artist to ever earn a nomination at this award show, so it was a big deal for him.

Adam Ballheim Styled, The Dress He, Wore For The Event

During the “Mainstream Sellout” musician’s red-carpet appearance at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater, he wore a skinny purple suit that complemented his purple hair. A slim-fit blazer and matching slacks, both fashioned by Adam Ballheim, completed his look with pinpoint silver spikes that gave him the appearance of being stuck with numerous pins. He wore these pieces without a shirt, making him feel stuck with pins.

It was a range of silver jewelry that added to the grunge edge of his outfit, including a spike-accented chain necklace, two bracelets, several layered thin earrings and rings, and a nose ring that enhanced the grunge edge of his business.

“Bloody Valentine” singer, who finished his outfit with a set of leather combat boots with a black leather upper, completed the look with a pair of black leather boots. In addition to thick lug soles accented by silver metallic pyramid studs accentuating the chunky lace-up style, thick lug soles gave the lace-up style a rock n’ roll edge. As well as the lace-up style, the front silver panels and similar upper studs completed the grungy look with a simple grunge look.

Twitter users took to social media to make fun of the star’s appearance. However, the show was also surrounded by a great deal of curiosity about how he would be able to endure it.

There was a noticeable difference between the look MGK wore and the look considered unmanageable by the viewers. What do you think about his look? If you have any thoughts about this, please share them with us in the comments.

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