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Love Is Blind Season 3 Contestants: Meet The 30 Singles

‘Love Is Blind,’ the dating reality show is back with a new batch of singles. The series has frequently been compared to Married at First Sight.

Love Is Blind is getting a third season now. The third season was filmed back-to-back with season two, and actually took place in Dallas, Texas. Men and women from all kinds of backgrounds take part in a social experiment in which they embark on blind dates and try to find love.

Netflix introduced the new cast members, who are all set to make their breakthrough and find their companions in the upcoming season. Do you want an exclusive quick glimpse at the singles? Oh, you definitely do.

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Just Announced The Cast

This new season will feature 30 members, the majority of whom are in their mid-20s to mid-30s. Season 3 of Love Is Blind will premiere on October 19, 2022. Let’s get right into our new guests.

Alexa Alfia

Age – 27

Occupation – Insurance Agency Owner

Instagram – @alexaalfia

She says, “The celebrity couple I’d model my relationship after is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.”

Amanda Langston

Age – 31

Occupation- Stylist

Instagram – @a_j_peterson

She says, “I am terrible at communicating so I need to know expectations in a relationship.”

Andrew Liu

Age – 30

Occupation – Director Of Operations

Instagram – @a.curious.ape

Andrew said, “The key to my heart is constant snuggles.”

Anthony LaScalea

Age – 33

Occupation – Attorney

Instagram – @lascalea

Anthony says, “My usual type is easy to get along with, the life of the party, down-to-do-anything personality.”

Ashley Randermann

Age – 29

Occupation – Chiropractor

Instagram – @dr.rander

She says, “I have a big heart and I know I deserve the same.”

Bartise Bowden

Age – 27

Occupation – Senior Analyst

Instagram – @bartiseb

He says, “My grandma and mom say I just haven’t met a girl as cool as them, but my friends say I’m too picky.”

Brannigan Maxwell

Age – 35

Occupation – Critical Care Nurse

Instagram – @branni_boom1913

She says, “I know my worth and what I deserve. I will not and shouldn’t settle for less.”

Brennon Lemieux

Age – 23

Occupation – Water Treatment Engineer

Instagram – @brennonlemieux

He says, “I have a strong personality that is very honest and I speak my mind.”

Charita Scott

Age – 35

Occupation – Makeup Artist

Instagram – @thecharnicole

She says, “I have been attracting men who are emotionally unavailable.”

Chelsey Jordan

Age – 27

Occupation – Customer Success Manager

Instagram – @chelly_lately

She says, “I believe in going after what I want in life and if that means finding love in a box, then I’m willing to do it!”

Cole Barnett

Age – 27

Occupation – Realtor

Instagram – @colebrennanbarnett

Cole says, “I want someone who appreciates me being crazy and weird, not someone who wants to ‘tone it down.’”

Colleen Reed

Age – 26

Occupation – Ballet Dancer & Digital PR Strategist

Instagram – @jellybean.colleen

She says, “I’m a firm believer that you will get an instant feeling when meeting ‘the one’ and I haven’t felt that yet.”

Dakota Easley

Age – 29

Occupation – Aerospace Engineer

Instagram – @dakotaeasley

He says, “I’m looking for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.”

Dale Dalida

Age – 32

Occupation – Cybersecurity Student

Instagram – @i_am_dale89

He says, “The hallmark of a good relationship is 3 am conversations.”

DaVonte Black

Age – 29

Occupation – Fitness Development Coach

Instagram – @black_sparrow23

He says, “If I have a specific type it’s women I can identify as bold, strong, independent, fitness-loving, and intellectual.”

Jessica Gumbert

Age – 30

Occupation – Senior Event Producer

Instagram – @random_life_of_jess

She says, “If someone doesn’t know what they want or doesn’t voice their intentions, it drives me crazy.”

Julian Torres

Age – 34

Occupation – Managing Director Of Operations

Instagram – @jjt103

He says, “I love women with a magnetic personality, not because they seek attention, but rather because they’re naturally charming and nice.”

Kalekia Adams

Age – 31

Occupation – ICU Nurse Practitioner

Instagram – @kaleek1908

She says, “I might still be single because I invest in guys who are undeserving and overlook red flags.”

Kimberlee Clarke

Age – 30

Occupation – Teacher and Coach

Instagram – @thekimepidemic

Kim says, “I believe I can build a lasting love, rather than another superficial relationship.”

Loren Langenbeck

Age – 36

Occupation – Medical Device Representative

Instagram – @lorenlangenbeck

Loren says, “The key to my heart is adventure & pancakes.”

Matt Bolton

Age – 28

Occupation – Private Charter Sales Executive

Instagram – @matt_bolton24

He says, “I want someone to break down my walls and allow me to open back up.”

Nancy Rodriguez

Age – 32

Occupation – Real Estate Investor

Instagram – @thenancyrodriguez

Nancy says, “My biggest pet peeve is guys who are rude to customer service employees.”

Nash Buehler

Age – 34

Occupation – Realtor

Instagram – @buehlern

Nash says, “The key to my heart is warm apple pie.”

Raven Ross

Age – 29

Occupation – Pilates Instructor

Instagram – @pilatesbodyraven

She said, “I’ve never given myself the time to really get to know someone before jumping into things.”

SK Alagbada

Age – 34

Occupation – Data Engineer

Instagram – @sk4ever2

Sikiru says, “I wouldn’t model my relationship off of anyone because I believe it will be uniquely mine.”

Simmer Bajwa

Age – 27

Occupation – Director Of Marketing Technology

Instagram – @simmer_down_bajwa

He says, “I’m still single because I haven’t put myself out there enough.”

Tony Taylor

Age – 34

Occupation – Medical Device Sales Representative

Instagram – @tonymtaylor

Valerie Truong

Age – 35

Occupation – Dermatologist

Instagram – @valerietruong

She says, “My biggest pet peeve is lack of accountability.”

Zach Gordon

Age – 29

Occupation – Med School & Interior Quality Control Manager

Instagram – @iamzachgordon

He says, “The key to my heart is a genuine commitment, and my stomach. I love food.”

Zanab Jaffrey

Age – 32

Occupation – Realtor

Instagram – @zanabjaffrey

She says, “I am looking for someone who’s loyal, supportive, and all in.”

Love Is Blind Season 3 Synopsis 

The third season’s description reads, “Singles who want to be loved for who they are have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating in Dallas and will choose someone to marry without ever meeting them.

Over several weeks, the newly engaged couples will move in together, plan their wedding, and find out if their physical connection matches the strong emotional bond developed in the Pods.

When their wedding day arrives, will real-world realities and external factors push them apart, or will they marry the person they fell blindly in love with? Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, this addictive twelve-episode series will uncover whether looks, race, or age do matter, or if love really is blind.”

“You think that people are going to have an expectation coming into a show that’s formed based on what they’ve seen on a previous season. But this show just confounds all expectations at every turn,” Coelen said. “No matter how you come into it, it elicits these real, authentic feelings from people — no matter what happens.”

What are your thoughts on the cast members of season three? You are welcome to drop your opinions in the comment section below.

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