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Love in the Villa Trailer Promises a Fun-Filled Romantic Ride

Love is in the…villa! Netflix has dropped the trailer of their upcoming film titled Love in the Villa, and it looks like a treat for all rom-com lovers. 

The film, a light-hearted story, follows the journey of a young and newly single woman who takes a solo trip to Itlay, only to find out that she has to share her reserved villa with a cynical British man. Read on to watch the trailer and know the release date of the film.

Love in the Villa Trailer Features Kat Graham as a Hopeless Romantic

The almost 2 minutes long trailer follows the journey of a hopeless romantic woman, Julie Hutton (Kat Graham), who goes on a trip to Verona, Italy, to meet her boyfriend, hoping for him to propose to her. Things turn upside down as her boyfriend abruptly breaks up with her, and she is left to explore the city on her own.

On arriving at her reserved villa, she is surprised to find it already occupied by Charlie, a handsome yet unfriendly British man who is in town for business. The two can not stand each other but are forced to share the villa; however, things seem to change by the end of the trailer as they start forming a bond, which may eventually lead to a romantic relationship.

The film is slated to premiere on Netflix on September 1. Watch the trailer below.

Audience Shower Praises on the Trailer

The trailer has been well-received by the audiences, who are praising the film and the actors in their comments. One viewer commented, “Looks like I found the romantic comedy movie to watch in peace, this summer. And also without getting annoyed by some teenagers.” 

“This was too sweet. I usually hate «i-have-seen-this-kind-of-love-story-1000times» movies, but Tom and Kat are two SO underrated and funny actors that im gonna watch this for sure. And who doesn’t love Italy,” wrote another one.

A fan also commented, “omg I love this pairing! also Tom is freaking hilarious, I love him in umbrella academy. Excited to see what other roles he takes in the future!!”

Love in the Villa Cast

The film will star The Umbrella Academy actor Tom Hopper as Charlie and The Vampire Diaries actor Kat Graham as Julie Hutton. Talking about why she decided to work in the film, Graham said, “Verona was already my favorite place in the world, which is also really strange. I had had a break-up and we got back together in Verona. And then two years later, I get this film.” 

Hopper, on the other hand, revealed that his wife Laura Hopper convinced him to take up the project. He said, “My wife tends to read a lot of the scripts before I get to them. Some of the ones she’s like, ‘Oh don’t bother, you’re not going to connect with this one.’ And then, with this one, she was like, ‘I just read this really great script called Love in the Villa. It’s a really sweet rom-com.'”

Laura also stars in the film as Casie. Other cast members include  Raymond Ablack, Sean Amsing, and Emilio Solfrizzi. The film has been written and directed by  Mark Steven Johnson, who has previously directed When in Rome and Love, Guaranteed.

Will you be watching the romantic-comedy on Netflix? Let us know in the comments section.

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