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Loki Finale Ending Explained: What Does it Mean?

Before you begin, be aware that the entire article contains spoilers for those who have not yet seen the episode. Well, let’s begin, it’s truly heartbreaking for viewers that the show has come to an end. Loki came to an end on Wednesday with the sixth and final episode. Even though the Season 1 finale was only 45 minutes long, a lot transpired. Let’s get right into the details.

Villain Revealed (He Who Remains)

After Loki and Sylvie arrive at the Citadel at the End of Time and decline some alluring offerings from Miss Minutes that would enable them to re-enter their histories. They are welcomed by an individual. Well, this individual is not someone you think he is. Miss Minutes introduces Loki and Sylvie to a man named He Who Remains. Jonathan Majors portrays him in this scene. The majority of the episode is spent with Major clarifying everything to Loki and Sylvie. He Who Remains explained everything that has happened between them, he also stated that it was pre-planned.

His character has been known by many other names throughout the centuries. He Who Remains’ name, on the other hand, is yet to be revealed. He also goes by the name Nathaniel Richards. Who, He Who Remains recommends during his long and complex multiversal war converse with Loki and Sylvie. Richards is a 31st-century scientist and another combination who was the first of his kind to move through time. He Who Remains states that perhaps the preceding multiversal conflict was solely caused by his versions.

Loki And Sylvie Kiss?

Well, as mentioned in the explanation above my He Who Remains’, Loki believes what He Who Remains demonstrated. Unlike Sylvie, she just wants to get rid of him by killing him because of everything he did. Loki wants to stop Sylvie from murdering Who He Remains. Because he feels he is the only one who can prevent another multiversal conflict from erupting. Well, Loki attempts to block her, but Sylvie deceives him and they kiss, but that kiss comes with consequences. She uses that kiss as an advantage and transfers Loki back to the TVA through a time portal using He Who Remains’ all-action TemPads so Loki can’t stop her from murdering him, and she succeeds.

Finally, she ends up killing Who He Remains, but of course, it emerges with a hefty price that they have to pay. Because of his death, there is no one to stop the timeline from branching off into multiple universes as thought by Loki. In short, a new multiversal war is about to begin.

The Multiverse War

As previously stated, Loki believes what He Who Remains’ explained about the War, although Sylvie does not. Let’s, see the whole explanation of the Multiverse War. He who remains is one of Marvel Comics’ most renowned time-travelers, and there are other various incarnations of Kang wreaking havoc across the cosmos. Kang features a smart enhanced version of the TVA’s TemPads to describe his origins and the events that led to the Multiverse War. All of the Kang variations decide to share their expertise in order to help improve all of the universes, which is also something from the comic books.

He discloses that a lot of Kang variations choose to conduct conflict in order to conquer everything instead of living peacefully. He Who Remains keeps the other Kangs at distance by constructing the TVA to maintain the Sacred Chronology functioning properly, preventing them from collapsing into the cosmos and initiating a new battle. Well, to date He Who Remains’ tried to keep everyone at bay and stopping everyone from causing a huge war. So now that he’s been killed by Sylvie, there will undoubtedly be a war.

Another Big Plot!

After that, Sylvie sent Loki through a ruse by duping him into kissing. Loki tries to tell his closest friend agent Mobius and Hunter B-15 about the menace when he is dispatched from there. They honestly don’t remember Loki, and when he looks around, he sees a monument of Kang in his comic outfit standing over the TVA, it appears that the God of Mischief has indeed been taken to an alternate time-stream incarnation of the organization, one that a Kang Variant proudly controls. He’s also instructed his operatives to allow the chronology to split. Loki learns he’s in a parallel universe counterpart of the TVA. He notices a sculpture, but it was not one of the so-called Time Keepers.

Well, this was the Finale of the Season 1. The last episode of Loki finally out and you could watch it on Disney Plus.

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