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Lionsgate Released The First Trailer For ‘Alice, Darling’ Starring Anna Kendrick 

We’ve all been in that one relationship that didn’t give us the space that we wanted. Somehow, it actually shaped us into this anxiety induced version of ourselves who cripples when a sudden stable relationship stands on the front door. 

Movies have a way of reflecting our culture and the times in which they were made. And while the representation of coping from a bad breakup can vary, there are some common themes that come up in both straight-forward and drama films.

In major films, the main character will often experience grief, depression or anger as a result of their breakup. They may struggle with their self-esteem and identity for a period of time after their breakup.

This can be shown through flashbacks or internal thoughts of the character throughout the movie leading them to gain self realization but when it comes to women and their take on relationships, there has not been much light on the consequences that comes after a certain relationship especially, an abusive one.

But this latest film will definitely change your mind. The film is finally here with its first look. Check out this article to know everything about Alice, Darling. 

Alice, Darling Starring Anna Kendrick Putting A Strong Take on Modern Relationships

There has been a mare shed of light on the situation that closely resonates with the said audience.

But Mary Nighy’s upcoming claustrophobic psychological thriller “Alice, Darling” starring the Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick will change your mind on the abusive relationship and show a mirror to cope with the situation.

Lionsgate Released The First Trailer For Alice, Darling Starring Anna Kendrick 

Lionsgate has finally unveiled its first official trailer for the upcoming film Alice, Darling. Directed by Mary Nighy and starring Anna Kendrick as a woman plagued by a psychologically abusive relationship.

The trailer introduces us to Alice At the beginning where we get a glimpse of Alice, a woman who is fulfilling her friends’ request by having a girls’ weekend upstate. Alice who is still being very traumatized by the abusive relationship she had in the past.

To overcome it, she decided to take a vacation with her two friends. She didn’t tell her boyfriend Simon (Charlie Carrick) and said that she was going on a business trip.

The music throughout the trailer cleverly plays off of the uneasiness that we can already feel bubbling just a few moments in.

Perhaps this is Alice’s initial lie to her boyfriend? Those good vibes quickly turn sour when Alice has to leave early because she lied.

As her friends try to convince her to stay and present her with an intervention about what’s going on at home, everyone is surprised when Simon arrives at the cabin.

The bit of drama towards the end of the trailer coupled with the revelation that a girl’s gone missing, gives Simon his reason to snoop through Alice’s emails. He finds out the truth about her business trip from being more curious.

When is Alice, Darling Releasing?

The film is going to have a theatrical release with a premiere on December 30th in Los Angeles followed by a greater release on January 20th.

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