Indo-Canadian YouTube sensation Lilly Singh aka Superwoman has announced the first project of her new production studio, Unicorn Island. The influencer is producing an animated series about a drag queen superhero!

Thrilled to announce @unicornislandprod is developing the incredible @kickassdragqueen Instagram comic into an animated series! We’re excited to be working with the multi-talented @bobthedragqueen and @matteolane on this project. So excited that I begged them to animate me for this announcement and they did. How dope?! 😍🙏🏽 Please go follow @kickassdragqueen to support. WARNING: your wig may fly. Then when you find it and finally place it upon your scalp, it’ll fly again. And again. Sorry about that. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Let’s get to work. 💪🏽

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Singh is all about bringing awareness and making the world a better place. She’s pushing for inclusivity and promoting the LGBTQ community with her next project. She is bringing to life Caldwell Tidicue’s Instagram comic, “Kickass Drag Queen.” Tidicue is better known as Bob The Drag Queen and is the winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Queen Race” season 8. Tidicue created “Kickass Drag Queen” in 2017 with the help of illustrator and comedian Matteo Lane. Singh is joining this hilarious duo as a writer, director, and producer of the animated series.

“Kickass Drag Queen” is based on Bob, a superhero who comes to the rescue of the LGBTQ community when they are attacked. Her friends include a tiny man known as Pocket Gay. Supervillains in the comic have powers like super shade and wig-jitsu. Some of the villainous characters are inspired by other “Drag Race” stars like Rude Paul, a villain based on “Drag Race’s” host, RuPaul.

The comics are presented as slideshows on Instagram. In less than a year, the comic’s page has amassed over 56,000 followers. Singh will join as the writer, director, and producer of the animated series. She hopes to highlight underrepresented LGBTQ community and spread love through comedy as she has done all these years on her YouTube channel.

Lazy Bunny One of the originals professors at Rude Paul’s Academy For Talented Gurlz she was the oldest queen at the school and the oldest person in the world. Her first drag performance was on The Mayflower. Her wigs are legendary and she is a master of hair-jitsu. Her wig is aligned with her body chemistry and they are so heavy than no one else can even lift them. Height: 5’10” Power: Wig-jitsu Affliation: Professor of Wigs Weakness: Bad knees Allies: Rude Paul Written by @bobthedragqueen Illustrated by @matteolane

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Unicorn Island’s Polly Auritt has plans to develop more than this revolutionary animation series. The production studio is working on comedy, horror, and unscripted projects for digital, TV and feature films. Also in the works are an animated series inspired by Singh’s personal imaginary happy place of “Unicorn Island,” and an adaptation of her book How to Be a Bawse.


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