Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman, has always been an advocate of equality and as the creator of the #GirlLove campaign, we wonder, what about some #BoyLove?

To find out all about the male perspective, Singh joins her good friend, and star of “Jane the Virgin,” Justin Baldoni in his “We Are Man Enough” project to understand masculinity. She crashes his dinner party to talk to some of the talented men featured on the show and add her female perspective as well.

Baldoni’s show is an extension of his TED talk on masculinity with the same title. The online series “We Are Man Enough” features men of various races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations and occupations as they share their experiences as a man, what it means to be a good man, and find a clear definition of masculinity.

Episode one delves into the stigmas against men expressing their emotions and episode two looks at why men find it so hard to be vulnerable. Yes, kids, it’s not just your desi dad that lacks the ability to show emotion, it’s actually all men.

Baldoni spent three years developing this project and the show is powerful. He moves between clips of a dinner party with new friends, a coffee chat with sociology and gender studies professor, Dr. Michael Kimmel, and golfing with his dad, Sam Baldoni.

The dinner party features dancer and choreographer Derek Hough, spoken word artist Prince EA, star of Broadway’s hit show Hamilton Javier Munoz, comedian, physician, and political host Bassem Youssef, and activist and actor Matt McGorry. Singh joins the 6 men in a later episode, check out a sneak peek of the upcoming episode in her vlog!

From the clip we can see Singh jumps right in and does what she is best at, using the experiences of these men to help others. What else does she talk about besides advice on how they can help men today? We’ll have to wait and see!

“We Are Man Enough” is a show guys never knew they needed, a must-watch. Catch up on the first two episodes on the “Man Enough” site.