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Lightyear Trailer Takes Us to New Heights

The newest Pixar offering is digging up the past by telling a story about everyone’s favorite toy in a spacesuit with the Lightyear trailer.

The movie features an original story about the origin story of Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise.

Lightyear Trailer, Release Date & More

The Lightyear trailer dropped on 28 March 2022 which is the final trailer for the movie before its eventual release of the movie in June.

The highly anticipated title is going to be released on 17 June and will be available for streaming immediately on Disney+

An Inside Look from the Director

The director of the movie, Angus Mclane announces that the movie that the newest Pixar movie is bringing the magic of entertainment for the audience to have fun in the theatres. he set out to make something that Pixar had never made, a full-blown sci-fi experience with Buzz Lightyear at the helm of it all.

When he was interning at the studio he was assigned the work of creating Zurg, the nemesis and, later revealed the father which he remembers as a great experience.

While talking about the change of voices for Buzz from Tim Allen to Chris Evans, Angus said,

“Think of it as James Bond – it’s not always the same but the same flavour”

Further on in the interview, he talks about the making of the film and his initial intentions with making Lightyear. He says that he set out to make a real film with dedicated cinematography. The cinematics is something that he focused on the feel of the cinematic he felt was real or even hyperreal.

Meet the Cast of Lightyear

Playing the beloved Buzz Lightyear is not Tim Allen from the original Toy Story but Chris Evans, famous for playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Taika Waititi is playing the best buddy of Buzz Lightyear, the famous director of Thor: Ragnarok as well as playing Hitler in Jojo Rabbit.

James Brolin for the role of the menacing nemesis of Buzz Lightyear and the main antagonist of the movie, Zurg.

The highly successful voice actor, Peter Sohn, is known for his work in The Good Dinosaur, Monsters University and Ratatouille plays Sox.

Keke Palmer, the celebrity best known for serious and comedic roles makes up the cast of the astronauts.

Hype for Lightyear

The Toy Story franchise has been a mainstay for a lot of people in their childhoods as well as their parenthood, watching the movies made them feel at home at the theatres.

Lightyear looks to approach not just the kids but captivate the adult audience as well. The big shots and cinema feel of the movie will enhance the theatre experience.

The big names attached to the movie like Chris Evans, Taika Waititi and Keke Palmer draw more and more attention. This boosts the hype for the movie beyond the initial pitch of Buzz Lightyear’s origin story.

This new origin story will surely bring up movies that have shined brightly but never been explored in this direction. The hype of nostalgia and big-name actors can only move the movie so much forward if the movie isn’t great.

If more movies like this one are announced you can be sure that The Teal Mango would cover it, so check it out if you want to be caught up.

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