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Let’s Discuss Shows Like Outer Banks Till We Wait For Season 3

Let’s get our minds off our murder mystery show ‘Outer Banks’ and lookup for some other similar shows.

Though the show, Outer Banks, has some very intense, mature, and emotional moments, it also has some humorous dialogue. That was steadily well delivered from each of the character’s sense of humor that making for a constantly great laugh.

And sadly, now the spectators will have to wait a while to see that charismatic personality and their beloved characters as the show has completed its two seasons.

Well, now the directors are making preparations for the arrival of the third season, and spectators’ curiosity rises day by day. Before getting into a surprise let us explain the premise of Outer Banks to those who are unfamiliar with the concept.

Time To Explore Outer Banks Premise

Outer Banks is a mystery teen drama about a gang of kids on a search for a lost ship rumored to contain $400 million in gold. This attracts the attention of the local cops as well as the wealthy, obnoxious Kooks.

It’s a fight between the Kooks and our protagonists, the Pogues, who live on the island’s destitute and neglected side. When a Pogue, John B, spend out with a Kook Princess, Sarah Cameron, things change.

Soon enough, they fall in love, and it’s a sprint to the finish line to get that gold. At first glance, the series appears to be solely about John B and his search for the treasure.

But it goes into great detail about each character and how well they are all written. You’ll enjoy the plot twists, loops, and drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat, asking for more.

Best Teen Shows Like Outer Banks That’s Worth-Watching

It’s challenging to wait for a new season of a show that you really like, and no one knows that better than us.

As we understand your feelings, we’ve compiled a list of alternative teen or Outerbanks-themed shows to keep you entertained while you wait. Now, let’s go on an adventure to find some pretty cool shows, such as Outer Banks, to make our wait worthwhile.

1. On My Block

On My Block is basically focused on the lives of brilliant, friends as they navigate their way through high school, with all the triumphs, pains, and new experiences that come with it.

It’s mostly about these 4 kids who are going through a lot, from fighting for their friendship to fighting for their lives Most importantly, it has the ability to make you cry and laugh at the same time.

This show premiered on Netflix on March 16, 2018. It explores gangs, love, friendship, and other aspects of survival. It’s also hilarious; practically every scene makes you laugh out loud.

Given how frequently this series is compared to Outer Banks, it’s an ideal choice of series to watch if you enjoy Outer Banks.

Keilgh said it best ‘you ever felt like you were in love with something when you only have seen it for like five minutes. Well, that’s how you’ll definitely feel when watching On My Block.

2. Riverdale

Riverdale had to be included in the teen drama category. Well, Riverdale is a beautifully written and executed masterpiece.

It’s an intense, exhilarating trip from beginning to end. That follows the story of a group of angsty teens who are desperately fighting to save their town from the horrors unleashed by shady drug lords and horrific serial killers.

It also has one of the sexiest casts in television history, all of whom are surprisingly talented. The interesting part about this show is that each season has a distinct storyline with changing villains, leaving us curious as to what will happen next.

3. One Of Us Is Lying

There are many twists and turns in the novel version of this series, and the series version isn’t any less. It will keep those who haven’t read it guessing.

The acting and script are both slow at first, but it improves as the series progresses. It’s a typical whodunit, with everyone as a suspect and no one saying anything, keeping you at the edge of your seat.

By incorporating teen drama that isn’t sanitized to appease network censors, things stay fascinating while yet feeling comfortable. One of Us Is Lying is having that special spark that sets it apart from all the other murder mysteries and teen dramas out there.

The writers did a very good job with the adaptation of this series. It is pretty linked to the story of the book.

4. Teen Wolf

Every teen drama list should have a fictional drama, and we have this one.

The show begins with Scott McCall, a young high school guy, being bitten by a werewolf and his struggle to become a real alpha. Stiles Stilinski is the greatest friend a person could ever have.

Because he is a cute abominable snowman, his sense of humor is what makes the show more entertaining. They had a group of buddies and others who assisted them in battling supernatural phenomena.

You’ll discover that some of the werewolves, such as Derek, Issac, and Peter, are really attractive and charming.

The show itself is mainly filled with bloody rivalries. Between many supernatural creatures looking to take over Beacon Hills and the stubborn teenagers who won’t allow them to.

We suggest watching this show because at times it will make you burst out into dangerously killer laughter. Or make you cry your eyes out until you can’t focus and have to play Adele on a loop just to cope.

And believe us when we tell that just because the show’s title is teen wolf doesn’t mean everyone is a wolf. Some are werewolves. But each character has their own special ability, such as a Banshee, Kitsune, Hellhound, Kanima, and many others.

5. Elite

It chronicles the lives of three teens who enroll in an Elite school with other wealthy students, but things take a turn when murders begin to occur, leaving everyone in the dark as to who committed the crime.

This show masterfully blends mystery, drama, romance, and more. This is the kind of show that makes you stop and roll around on the floor in shock. We believe the series improves with each episode, especially as the “who done it” bombshell approaches.

Well, we would recommend watching at least three episodes, to help you understand what’s happening and get interested.

6. The Society

This show is really incredible! We won’t disclose any spoilers because everyone should see it for themselves, but we will say that it was full of twists and turns and was fantastic.

I liked how each character made a mistake. Nobody was perfect, which is far more realistic than most current television shows.

We never consider what we would do if there was no law and order, no easily accessible grocery stores, and no one to look after us. How do you deal with situations that are usually reserved for adults?

It gives an understanding of how to view society and what a civilization requires to survive. In this series, high school students must create their own laws and take care of their own town without the assistance of adults. As when the adults of the town mysteriously vanish after the adolescents return from a trip.

Some are friends, while others are enemies. Murders occur; people become agitated and concerned. Yet, some the leaders attempt to keep everyone in place by enacting their own laws.

7. Dawson’s Creek

Dawsons Creek is a Netflix show about a young teenage boy who has spent his entire life dreaming of becoming a filmmaker. Joey, the show’s most popular character, is forever trapped in the center of her epic love triangle with Pacey and Dawson.

You’ll feel like you’re growing up with them while watching this show since it constantly surprises you and the continual drama and romance makes it fascinating.

Throughout the series, the show concentrates on relationships, with love triangles after love triangles and romance after romance.

Season one concentrated on the Dawson-Jen-Joey triangle, whereas season three introduced the Joey-Pacey-Dawson triangle, which was groundbreaking (go Jacey). Triangles everywhere.

8. Ragnarok

This is an extraordinary effort. The writer, Adam Price, had come up with a unique idea. You’d be astounded at how he altered Ragnarok and set up the premise that Giants escaped the all-ending.

The majority of people believe Ragnarok is the apocalypse, however, Ragnarok is only the beginning. Because the season is only 6 episodes long, the pacing is mainly right.

The show is basically focused on a little Norwegian hamlet suffering from mild winters and torrential downpours that appear to be on the verge of another Ragnarok unless someone gets involved in time.

This show really hooks you as someone who is interested in Norse paganism and mythology. Throughout the series, you’ll feel like you’ve learned more about Norse mythology, and each episode will teach you a fact about someone or something from Norse mythology.

The show may convince you to believe that there are several superhuman and divine battles, but you are mistaken. It’s lovely in its own right. The story is mostly gripping.

9. Blood & Treasure

The concept of the show is good. But it lacks that factor that keeps you on the edge of your seat because one, the tale takes too long to build up.

As there are so many characters in the game, but the storyline is so catchy and interesting, the title says it all. Artifacts, history, legends and oh different cities and cultures.

Well, as the series title suggests, the characters are on the trail of a terrorist who funds his attacks by stealing treasures.

10. Spinning Out

This show quickly captivates you because it takes you not just into the never-before-seen realm of competitive skating. But also into the lives of each character, allowing you to relate in a way that few other series do.

It depicts the pressure, stress, and sacrifice required to compete, as well as the bravery required to depict how awful it is to live with a mental illness that can be disabling and influence others around the sufferer.

The main female actress plays Kate, a wonderful ice skater who suffers from bipolar disorder, which is identical to that of her mother.

You may be wondering why we’ve included this series in our list of shows similar to Outer Banks. Because, Kat Baker is on a mission, but not in the skate sense; she’s looking for buried treasure and a missing father, which adds a sense of suspense and twist to the series.

Have you watched any one of these shows? Do you have any more series in mind which are similar to Outer Banks? You’re welcome to share your suggestions in the comment section below.

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