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Leonardo DiCaprio Fuels Dating Speculation After Snapping With Josie Redmond In London

A sighting of Leonardo DiCaprio walking with Josie Redmond in London sparked speculation of a romance after the Hollywood heartthrob was spotted out and about in the city with her.

As rumors circulated that the two might be dating, the pair were seen together in the city several times.

Dating Rumours Swirl Around Leonardo DiCaprio And Josie Redmond

On Wednesday morning, it was reported that Leonardo DiCaprio left a party spot with model Josie Redmond. His look was meant to make him appear incognito to the onlookers.

A recent photo of Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted with 21-year-old American model Josie Redmond, who is well known for his habit of dating models under 25. Several pictures were taken of the actor with the model leaving the Chiltern Firehouse, a celebrity hotspot, early on Wednesday morning.

To avoid being spotted by the paparazzi, Leonardo kept a low profile and tried to cover as much of his face as possible with a grey mask and a black cap, so he didn’t expose any part of his face to the cameras. As seen in the pictures, the actor wore a black sweater and dark blue jeans.

While she chose to wear all-black, Josie opted for a long coat, leather leggings, and a sheer top in addition to her leather leggings. She added chunky black boots to the ensemble as a final touch to her glamorous look. Leo and Josie both of whom were spotted leaving the venue in the early hours of Wednesday, according to the reports.

Recent Linkups Between The Actor And Models Half His Age Have Sparked Social Media Controversy

In the wake of reports, Leo is eager to dispel rumors that he dates women much younger than him. Leo’s outing comes as a welcome relief. As a result of the actor’s recent links with models half his age, the news of his profile with a former rumored girlfriend, the 19-year-old model Eden Polani, has turned into a social media storm, with Twitter trending news of his profile with the model.

As of a few days ago, there was also speculation that the Titanic actor was not happy with the constant jokes and assumptions about his love life that were being made about him in the press. According to sources, the actor has also been reportedly desperate to find a woman he can develop a serious relationship with after a string of failed relationships with men.

Who Is Josie Redmond?

As a fashion model, Josie is in her early 20s and has been modeling for a few years. It has been reported in several media outlets that she is 21 years old. However, her Instagram bio shows 1998, so this could be when she was born.

As her Freedom Models page states, she is a “Southern-style American model with a touch of Southern charm” from Tennessee. Currently, Josie is based out of Los Angeles, California, where she is pursuing a career in modeling. Aside from wake surfing, she also enjoys traveling, watching sunsets, and hiking with her dog in her free time, according to her bio.

There has been no shortage of high-profile brands Josie has worked with throughout her career, including 7 For All Mankind, Paige Denim, Elyse Walke, and Luv AJ. Additionally, the busy schedule of Josie’s modeling career often leads her to travel to different cities and countries, as she can be seen clearly on her personal Instagram page, which is displayed regularly.

It is certainly no coincidence that her profile is filled with images of her travels to gorgeous destinations such as Ibiza, Punta De Mita, Mexico, and many other beautiful destinations worldwide. Having amassed quite several followers, she has regularly shared pictures of herself from modeling photoshoots, travel photos, and photos with her family in Tennessee.

When she walked for the first time in 2017 for @sherrihill for her first NYFW runway show, she wrote on her Instagram page: “What an absolute dream to walk for @sherrihill for my first NYFW runway show! So thankful for the opportunity to work with all these amazing people.”

The sighting of the two has sent shockwaves through the internet, with fans speculating that the pair could be an item. Although neither DiCaprio nor Redmond have commented on their relationship status, many wonders if this could start a new romantic journey for the two stars. Only time will tell. I am curious to know what you think about them as a couple. Comment below with your thoughts and views on this topic.


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