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Lenny Hochstein Claims That Wife, Lisa Actively ‘Alienating’ Children From Her

Lenny Hochstein has accused his wife, Lisa Hochstein of ‘alienating’ their children against him. In recent court documents filed in their divorce, the famed plastic surgeon claims that the television personality initially allowed him to meet the kids daily, but has now started pulling back to ‘exact revenge’.

A Revengeful Move By Lisa…

Famed plastic surgeon, Lenny Hochstein accused his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein of actively alienating their children against him. In new court documents filed in their divorce, the ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ star’s husband stated that the Bravolebrity was initially ‘gracious’ to allow him to come and visit their kids every day.

In the legal documents, Lenny further claimed that Lisa soon began ‘disparaging’ him to the kids over his new girlfriend, Kathrina Mazepa. Lenny feels that the reason for such behaviour was to “exact revenge”. At one instance, Lenny quoted an example: Lisa told the kids, “Your dad wants to take you to be with the woman he’s leaving us for,” while discussing Lenny’s planned ski trip to Aspen.

Lenny has also claimed that his wife refused to allow the children to stay at his apartment because she doesn’t like his girlfriend, Mazepa. He stated this move as “irrational and preposterous.” Previously, Lisa referred to her as a ‘home-wrecking’ whore.

Lisa, on the other hand, has vehemently denied all such allegations. “That being said, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t try to stop my husband’s girlfriend, the self-proclaimed ‘home-wrecking whore,’ from going anywhere near my children,” Lisa stated in an interview.

An End To A 12-Year-Old Marriage…

The 2022 season of The Real Housewives of Miami depicted the breakdown of Lisa and Lenny Hochstein’s marriage of more than one decade. Even though Lenny has a new-found love, his divorce battle with Lisa is far from over. Not only does the couple needs to negotiate the custody of their kids, but they both also need to divide their assets, like the $10 million home in Miami.

If you aren’t aware, per their prenup, Lisa was supposed to leave the Miami house in the event the couple split. But then, she has continued to live in the 20,000-square-foot home with her kids, Logan (7) and Elle (3). The news of their breakup first emerged in May 2022. Since then, the two have made nasty allegations against each other.

On these allegations made by Lenny, Lisa stated that she only wants the best relationship for Lenny and their children. She alleged that Lenny has shared his false perception of reality with the courts. “Having two loving parents will always be my priority for my children,” Lisa said in her defense. 

Not only this, but a screenshot of a text exchange between the couple about bringing them to Aspen also came to light. In the messages, Lisa responded to his accusations by accusing him of “pretending” to be a “present dad,” which allegedly only began once the divorce proceedings started.

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