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Latin Megastar Bad Bunny Releases New Album, Un Verano Sin Ti

Bad Bunny releases a new album, Un Verano Sin Ti, the follow up to his 2021 solo studio album, El Último Tour Del Mundo. The album is about a breezy time, with summer vibes and party grooves to light up these sunny days.

Un Verano Sin Ti Album Rollout

Bad Bunny, who is high off of attending his first Met Gala and breaking the record on the Latin Charts, released a new album. The new album Un Verano Sin Ti was released on May 6, 2022, to massive responses by fans.

Recently his 2020 album, YHLQMDLG broke the record for most weeks on the top of the Latin Album Chart earlier this year. But with a new album, it seems like the tides are changing.

The new album had no prior intimation of dropping, surprising fans all around the with the release this Friday. This is one of the album rollout styles that started back when Beyonce dropped her self-titled album.

While many fans enjoy such surprises from their beloved artists. Critics have always looked at this kind of album rollout as cheap and insignificant in the media.

Bad Bunny New Album Tracklist

Clocking in at around 1 hour and 20 minutes, the album is a certified mood. With beachy vibes and the summer mood, Bab Bunny has made a sunny album for generations.

The lead single, Moscow Mule has a music video which brings out this exact feeling. With Bad Bunny turning into a merman and then a fish, hitchhiking his way into the summer party.

Here’s the full tracklist for those who would like to listen to the whole album:

  1. Moscow Mule 4:06
  2. Después de la Playa 3:51
  3. Me Porto Bonito 2:59
  4. Tití Me Preguntó 4:04
  5. Un Ratio 2:57
  6. Yo No Soy Celoso 3:51
  7. Tarot 3:58
  8. Neverita 2:54
  9. La Corriente 3:19
  10. Efecto 3:34
  11. Party 3:48
  12. Aguacero 3:31
  13. Enséñame a Bailar 2:56
  14. Ojitos Lindos 4:19
  15. Dos Mil 16 3:29
  16. El Apagón 3:22
  17. Otro Atardecer 4:05
  18. Un Coco 3:17
  19. Andrea 5:40
  20. Me Fui de Vacaciones 3:01
  21. Un Verano Sin Ti 2:29
  22. Agosto 2:20
  23. Callaita 4:11

Un Verano Sin Ti Review

This 23 track mammoth is a fun listen, with chill vibes and a summer mood, the 1 hour and 20 minutes go by with complete ease. Though this album is not to be considered a deep listen, it is a mixtape which runs in the background.

Like Bad Bunny said, ‘it’s intended to work like a mixtape, to be played in the background while people enjoy themselves on the beach or by a pool.’ While the title of the album translates to A Summer Without You, this is not a heartbreak album by any means.

From an artist as big as Bad Bunny, you would expect big collaborations with artists like Cardi B or Doja Cat, but none are to be found here. Bad Bunny tries to uplift other obscure Latin artists like Rauw Alejandro and Buscabulla.

One thing that Bad Bunny should get credit for is the sheer picture that this album paints on the listener. With the sound of seagulls and waves crashing, Bad Bunny delivers the experience of partying on the beachside while dancing at a house party.

While it may not be perfect by any standards, Bad Bunny has created a moody album perfect for this season. Comment your favourite song from this album down below.

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