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Last Sentinel: Trailer and Release Date of the Upcoming Sci-Fi Film Unveiled

The first official trailer for the upcoming futuristic sci-fi film Last Sentinel has been released. The film, set in the year 1963, gives a glimpse of how climate change and rising temperatures have resulted in a significant rise in ocean levels.

Meanwhile, two continents are at war, and a group of four soldiers is left stranded on a battleship to fight the invasion by the enemy. Continue reading to watch the action-packed trailer and know the release date of the film.

Last Sentinel Trailer and Release Date

The two-minute-long trailer takes us to the year 1963, when ‘two continents are still at war. Only one outpost remains.’ A team of four soldiers is then seen who are posted on a ship hundreds of miles away from their homeland, waiting to fight an unknown enemy. A soldier is heard saying, “An empty boat turns up that’s meant to be our relief. How did that happen?”

Meanwhile, the group also has to defend a device whose purpose is unknown. They now have to decide whether they want to stay on the ship while a huge storm gathers or if they should leave the outpost. The tension also turns the soldiers against each other by the end of the trailer, and they are seen drawing weapons at each other.

Last Sentinel is going to be released in theaters and on VDO/digital on Friday, March 24. The official synopsis of the film reads, “In the year 2063, unchecked and rampant climate change has caused temperatures and sea levels to rise catastrophically.”

“Surrounded by an endless ocean thousands of miles from home, four soldiers stand as the last bastion, defending their homeland from an invasion by an enemy they’ve never seen. Alone and uncertain as to what fate awaits them, the simmering tension amongst the crew escalates when a mysterious boat drifts into range.”

Last Sentinel Cast and Crew

The film stars Kate Bosworth (Along for the Ride), Lucien Laviscount (Emily in Paris), Thomas Kretschmann (Infinity Pool), and Martin McCann (The Informer) as the four soldiers. It has been directed by Oscar-nominated director Tanel Toom with a script by Malachi Smyth.

The producers include Ben Pullen, Matthew James Wilkinson, Ivo Felt, Jorg Bunschuh, and Pippa Cross. Vertical Entertainment is distributing the film. Peter Jarowey, Rich Goldberg, Mitch Budin, Phil Hunt, Andy Mayson, Mike Runagall, Carlos Gerstenhauer, Sam Corsellis, William Pullen, Smyth, and Josef Brandmeier serve as executive producers.

The Film will Focus on ‘Overriding Hope for a Better Future,’ Says Producer

Launching the trailer of the film, producer Ben Pullen said, “We are thrilled that audiences will be able to finally experience the world of Last Sentinel. A world of terrifying storms, of fear and mistrust, of love and deep pain, and of overriding hope for a better future.”

Executive producer Peter Jaroweya added, “This film, made with the blood, sweat, and tears of cast and crew, will hopefully win over audiences with its powerful emotional journey and thrill them with its bold, ominous vision of a future earth.”

“It does an incredible job of immersing the viewer in the harrowing, desolate conditions of this watch tower that the crew is trapped in yet refuses to abandon. The chaos of being stranded at sea is as terrifying as it is beautiful in its portrayal, and every character delivers the performance of a lifetime,” he continued.

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