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Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss And Comedian Jay Mohr Are Engaged

Jeanie Buss has added another ring to her collection, as the Los Angeles Lakers owner recently engaged to Jay Mohr.

In a recent proposal, the comedian got down on one knee and proposed to his long-term partner, whom he has been dating for several years.

Jeanie Buss And Comedian Jay Mohr Are Engaged

Having already amassed an impressive collection of rings, Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has added another one to her collection. Even though this is not another NBA championship, it is equally as meaningful, if not better, than a championship. It is an engagement ring.

61-year-old Buss is reported to be engaged to 52-year-old comedian Jay Mohr, according to reports. According to reports, the website that broke the story first, Mohr kneeled on the ground and proposed to his girlfriend early Wednesday morning.

There needs to be a clear indication of when he offered to Buss or where the proposal took place. However, the outlet reports there have been clues for some time that they were engaged. This is because she was spotted with a ring on her finger earlier this week.

Around 2017, Buss And Mohr Began Dating Quietly

The two started dating sometime in 2017 and have attended Lakers games ever since. According to reports, Buss and Mohr started dating around that time. As well as being all over her Instagram page, he has also been posting a lot about her.


It was with a sweet tribute that Buss honored Mohr on his birthday in a post that he posted on Sept. 26. “Happiness. Love. Joy. That’s what you gave me on my birthday and every day. This picture taken at our friend’s wedding in June tells our story. I guess a girl can have it all. I love you @jaymohr37 ❤️,” she wrote in the caption of the picture she posted on Instagram.

There is no doubt that the couple bonded over their love of sports and comedy, according to the outlet. She will be getting married for the second time in her life. As a front office member, Buss was a member of the Lakers’ championship teams in five championships and once as the franchise’s controlling owner. Buss was previously married to volleyball player Steve Timmons, who played in the NBA for eight years.

In 1990, the couple tied the knot, but three years later, they divorced. In addition to being the first woman in NBA history to own a controlling interest in a team, Buss also had a long-term relationship with NBA legend Phil Jackson before they split up in 2016. In this case, Mohr will be getting married for the second time in his life. In 2016, he divorced Nikki Cox, whom he had been married to for ten years after they had been married for ten years. Meredith Daniel Mohr, who is 11 years old, is one of their two children.

Who is Jeanie Buss?

A businesswoman by the name of Jeanie Marie Buss is an American. Currently, she serves as president of the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). In an affluent Californian family, Buss grew up. The Lakers and other sports businesses were owned by her father, Jerry Buss, a real-estate tycoon.

She felt as if she had been abandoned after her parents separated in 1972. After joining the family business at the age of 19, she became general manager of the Los Angeles Strings. She, the Los Angeles Blades, later formed a professional roller hockey team. Before becoming the Lakers’ vice president, she was the Great Western Forum president.

A family trust was established when her father passed away in 2013, and Buss’s six siblings have an equal vote in the Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers appointed her president in 2013-14. Buss also owns the Los Angeles-based pro-wrestling promotion Women of Wrestling.

This couple has become engaged, and we will soon be hearing wedding bells as soon as they get married. Would the two make a compatible couple? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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