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Lady Gaga Posts A Tearful Apology On IG, Forced To Cut Short Her Final Show

Acknowledge Lady Gaga as ‘Lady Tearful’ after the “Chromatica” artist issued a tearful apology to fans after what happened at the Hard Rock Stadium. While it was the unkind weather that forced her to stop her Miami concert, Lady Gaga still feels sad that she couldn’t perform “Rain On Me” for her fans amid the lightning storm. Read on to know all about her tearful IG post.

Safety First. Love You All…

Lady Gaga is in tears after she had to cut short her performance at the Hard Rock Stadium amid a brutal lightning storm. The ‘Monster Mother’ took to Instagram and posted a tearful apology to all her fans for what happened at her recent Miami concert. She started by writing: I’m sorry, I couldn’t finish the show it was too dangerous the lightning was being unpredictable and changing moment by moment, I love you.”

The “Chromatica” artist has all the reasons to be tearful as the Miami concert formed the part of her final world tour. She expressed further by stating that some of her fans have called her “mother monster”, but in her heart, she felt that it was better to keep the attendees safe. Therefore, she couldn’t sing the fan-favourite “Rain On Me” and rather decided to remain dry.

She added, “Thank you for believing in me. This was the greatest tour of my life and I will cherish this moment forever—it took a long time for me to heal, but I did.” She also expressed that she had all the intention to sing “Rain on Me” in the rain but wrote: “I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive”

Lady Gaga continued by thanking all her dancers, band, crew, family and friends. She concluded: “Safety first. Love you. Thank you for the flowers and the cheers and for understanding. Life matters.”

The apology comes in reference to her final night of the tour in Miami on Saturday (Sept. 17) after a lightning storm broke out and Gaga had to cut short her performance considering the safety of everyone.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Hit-Stacked’ Show…

The weather conditions may have been cruel to Gaga and her fans, but it certainly united the fans who gathered under a sheltered area of the stadium and started singing “Rain On Me” while the thunder created a natural tune to Gaga’s hit song. Despite the worsening weather conditions, fans could be seen taking their seats, hoping that the concert would go on.

As Gaga cancelled the show, fans were saddened as she was still left with six songs. On the other hand, Gaga announced: “I don’t want to put your life in danger. Get home safely, God bless you and thank you for coming to the show,” she concluded, before she bowed to her fans.

The Miami concert formed a part of “The Chromatic Ball” tour which began in Germany in July and continued in locations like the UK, Sweden, Japan, France, Netherlands, and North America. The Miami concert being the final show of this world tour, the “Lady Tearful” is certainly upset that she couldn’t offer the best to her fans.

If you’re not aware, Lady Gaga suffers from a medical condition called fibromyalgia which often leaves her in chronic pain. Therefore, this tour was confined to only 20 shows. The concert may not have gone as planned, but Gaga is undoubtedly the “greatest living musical performer” as quoted by several outlets. As for this concert, safety first! What do you think?

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