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La Brea Season 2 Release Date and a Sneaky Teaser is Out

It was September 2021 when the world was slowly getting back on its feet after fighting a deadly pandemic.

A sci-fi drama entered our lives which shocked the genre lovers but also put a question on everyone’s mind about why would such a thing happen?

The series started to grow in audience and critics too. The show’s pilot episode has been viewed by 19.8 million people and has a 3.6 rating with adults 18-49.

The anticipation at the series finale led to the renewal of the second season which is running fans crazy with the updates on the upcoming season.

Maybe, we have something for you to fill in those holes (wink). Check out this article to catch all the details on the upcoming La Brea Season 2.

La Brea Season 2: Do We Have A Premiere Date?

NBC’s superhit series that got renewed weeks after the first season’s finale has got people up in the night trying to make up reasons for the sinkholes and the lives of people.

But looks like things are going to turn up friskily as we have a solid premiere date in our hands. NBC just announced the official date for the arrival of La Brea season 2.

The series is going to hit our TV sets on 27th September at 9 pm ET. The creator and showrunner of the show David Applebaum expressed in the announcement emphasizing the importance of sticking to one’s family and how season 1 circled around that.

Giving out a little detail about what’s coming, he added that the show is bringing a solid different context around that. 

La Brea Season 2: NBC Released Sneaky Teaser For The Upcoming Season

NBC has released the exclusive teaser for season 2 building up more drama and more intensity coming our way on September 21st. Looks like it’s finally time to dig out of that hole! 

The teaser starts with “where the hell are we?” introducing the new context in the show as Josh and Riley find themselves laying in a grass field.

The teaser also shows Levi and Sam standing alongside a grave indicating they’re remembering Veronica from season 1 who got targetted by the bear. 

La Brea: What Is The Show About?

 For those who need to be filled in, La Brea is a scientific drama series that starts itself with a sinkhole. Yes, the series is primarily dependent on that sinkhole that is dominating the entire narrative of the show.

A giant sinkhole appears out of nowhere in Los Angeles, particularly near the paleontology research center called La Brea Pits and Museum.

The sinkhole appears and distorts the city into two parts. It takes everything under it including the vehicles, buildings, roads, and people. 

Now some people like to compare it with Stranger Things and how Upside down situation it creates.

Survivors trapped in the sinkhole must band together and form new bonds in order to survive.

The show follows a family that is separated by the events of the land and continues to search for one another. 

The series is going to premiere on September 27th while you can catch up on the first season streaming on Peacock. 

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