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Kylie Jenner’s Son is No Longer Named ‘Wolf’

Looks like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not affirmative of their son’s name just yet!

It was just weeks ago when Kylie stole all the internet’s limelight when she posted a story about the new arrival of her son “Wolf”. 

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have revealed that their baby boy’s name is not ‘Wolf’ any longer as “it didn’t feel like him”. As of now, the couple has announced that they’re not settling with the name Wolf for their new baby boy.

Kylie shared the news with her fans over Instagram in a sneezy post. Check out this article to know why.

Kylie Jenner’s Son is no longer ‘Wolf’

Six weeks after welcoming her second child with Travis Scott, Kylie posted an update on her new baby boy with her fans. She announced that the couple has changed their son’s name.

On March 21st, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics announced that her son’s name is no longer ‘Wolf’. She gave a reason stating that their son’s name didn’t really resonate with him.

She also added that the reason for announcing it to the world is that she keeps seeing Wolf’s name being mentioned everywhere. 

Kylie posted this news in her Instagram story hours after posting her baby boy’s new nursery and stroller. As of now, the fans are still soaking in the news of refraining from calling the new baby Webster ‘Wolf”. Kylie has not announced the new name for her baby boy. 

If not ‘Wolf’ then what is Kylie’s Son’s name?

As the internet is still processing the new update on Kylie and Travis Scott’s son’s name. There are being various conjectures roaming in the air regarding the new name of Kylie’s baby boy. 

If you’re updated with Kylie’s life and her Instagram, you may notice that the name changing news was kind of predictable as there have been a few hints in a video posted by Kylie today, a 10 minute documentary about the pregnancy journey and the birth of her son tilted “To our son”. 

It seems like Kylie wants her fans to wait till the big announcement. She has not revealed the new name for the baby boy. 

Kylie Jenner’s similarity between both Pregnancies 

The news of Kylie changing her baby boy’s name may be surprising but it’s not a bigger surprise than Kylie’s 2017 shenanigans when she dropped the biggest bomb on her fans with her pregnancy news. 

Kylie’s first pregnancy news with the baby Stormi took the internet by storm when she announced she’s welcoming a baby with Rapper/Singer Travis Scott.

She posted a video in 2018 titled “To our daughter”. Now in 2022, Kylie has posted a video titled “To our son”. Both documentaries express her journey throughout her preggo days and the special birth footage. 

Considering the similarities between both pregnancies, we can expect the announcement of Kylie and Travis’s baby boy’s new name soon.

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