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Kylie Jenner Criticized For Her Daughter Stormi’s Outfit For An Event In Los Angeles

It appears that Kylie Jenner landed in trouble because of her fashion choices. In this case, people have raised questions about her daughter’s outfit.

There has been intense criticism online over how “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” alum Kris Jenner dressed her four-year-old daughter for the party held by Kylie Cosmetics recently, and she has had to deal with a lot of backlashes.

Mother-Daughter Duo attended a Pary in L.A

A Kylie Cosmetics party took place in Los Angeles this Wednesday, 24 August, at which the twenty-five-year-old star of “The Kardashians” accompanied her four-year-old daughter, who was born to her and Travis Scott, to support her brand.

It was Kylie who dressed Stormi up for the outing in a silver minidress with one shoulder, a matching mini purse and white sneakers. A pair of black sunglasses was also paired with the minidress by the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” alum.

In Kylie’s case, her look was stunning as she exposed cleavage with an unbuttoned white minidress that had ruffled sleeves. Kris Jenner’s youngest daughter showed off her latest ensemble in a pair of matching giant sunglasses, stiletto pumps, and a silver anklet.

Fans Discussed Stormy’s Look On Twitter

There was a quick backlash on Twitter as fans discussed the fact that Stormi lacked maturity and should have been dressed like any regular kid during the late-night event. In the words of one critic, “I think it’s gross to take that baby everywhere in front of the cameras and have her all styled for events like this so young,” while another stated, “I think Stormi’s dress makes it look interesting, but in a bad way.”.

“Came to say this. I get the other baby is younger, but it’s weird to me how they protect him but actively parade Stormi around in an inappropriate dress!” Another user replied while another urged Kylie to leave that baby at home.

On 1st February 2018, Kylie Jenner Welcomed Stormy Into The World

On February 1st, 2018, the reality star and beauty mogul welcomed their daughter Stormy into the world. She confirmed the news on her Instagram account. As far as weight is concerned, the little girl weighed in at 8 lbs., 9 oz. And the time was 4:43 p.m. local time. Her father is Travis Scott, and she is Jenner’s first child.

A lengthy montage of videos from Jenner’s pregnancy was also shared on her social media pages, including a quick photo of Jenner and her newborn in the delivery room after she was born.

Kylie is not only a mother to Stormi but also the mother of another baby boy. In February of this year, she gave birth to baby no. 2 with the help of her Travis Scott. They named their baby boy Wolf at the beginning of the year, but in March, they decided to change the name. It has not been announced which name Stormi’s baby brother will be named yet by the “Astroworld” rapper and reality star.

The outfit Kylie chose for her four-year-old daughter has been the subject of many criticisms and accusations. It would be interesting to hear what she has to say about the same. As for her response to the backlash, we will have to wait and see what she has to say. Are you of the opinion that the outfit was inappropriate? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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