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Kyle Richards Discusses Her 7-Month Sobriety Journey

As Kyle Richards opens up about her sobriety and how she hasn’t missed alcohol, she shares her experience with us.

A few weeks ago, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared a Q&A session with her Instagram followers, during which she revealed she has been alcohol-free for seven months.

She Discusses Quitting Alcohol And If Drinking Is Still A Part Of Her Life

Almost seven months after her sobriety began, Kyle Richards is opening up about her decision. According to the 54-year-old star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it has been seven months since she lasts drank alcohol until the 15th of February.

A recent Q&A session with fans allowed her to explain why she felt this way and gave us a better understanding of what it was like for her. On Tuesday, February 7, Kyle shared her Instagram story, where she answered fan questions regarding her diet and health changes.

One of her curious followers wondered if she had stopped drinking and if she missed it when she wasn’t drinking. “Truth is I don’t miss it at all,” she replied in response to her follower’s question.

Additionally, she said she was still determining if she would ever drink again and had no set timetable in mind. “I feel amazing, so don’t see the point right now,” Kyle explained.

Kyle’s body transformation has been a topic of speculation for quite some time. In addition, there have been speculations that she is using Ozempic to lose weight, and she has responded to those rumors.

In Wake Of Ozempic Denial, Kyle Richards Shares Her Weight Loss Secrets

It was recently revealed that Kyle Richards had lost a substantial amount of weight. There was speculation last week that the 54-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star lost weight due to the usage of Ozempic, a drug she was referred to as last week.

To those unfamiliar with Ozempic, it is a prescription medication used to manage the blood sugar levels of people with Type 2 diabetes. However, there has been a recent discovery that some people use Ozempic as a weight loss supplement because one of its side effects is weight loss.

During an interview with the Two T’s in a Pod podcast on January 23, Kyle revealed how she lost weight and became healthier. “After gaining weight during the summer — on July 15 — after getting off the boat I said ‘That is it. I do not have any sugar, carbs, or alcohol. A lot of people think I’ve been taking Ozempic. To clarify I’ve never taken Ozempic”, Kyle said in the conversation.

After posting a picture of herself lounging in a bikini on Instagram, Kyle posted another photo of herself the next day. Kyle responded to fans in the comments who asked about the changes in her physical appearance that she had undergone.

“NO alcohol, bread, pasta, sugar. I eat protein, fruit, and vegetables. Now that I am the weight I want to be, I will occasionally have pasta, etc., once in a while. But no alcohol since July 15.” She revealed the secret.

“I work out every day. Chasing it up between running, cycling, hiking, and yoga. Weights & stomach every day.” She also added in the statement.

About Kyle Richards

As a reality television star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards is known for her work as an actress, socialite, and philanthropist. Her character will appear in the show’s eleventh season, which will run in 2021. She is the last original cast member of the show, which has aired ten seasons so far. The Car and Halloween were among the television shows and films Kyle appeared in when she was a child artist.

During her teenage years, she worked on movies such as Curfew and television shows such as Down To Earth. After returning, a big part of her career was the medical drama series ER, one of her most notable works. In addition to her clothing line, Kyle has also written a memoir and launched her clothing line. Moreover, she is also a philanthropist in addition to being a successful businesswoman.

According to Kyle Richards of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, her decision to stop drinking led to a better quality of life, and when she went sober, her health improved drastically. How do you feel about the changes she has made to her lifestyle and if it was the right thing for her to do? Would you say that you are motivated by the same thing? Feel free to leave a comment with your views.

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