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Korean Music Awards 2022 Winners List is Here

The Korean Music Awards is the most coveted award show of South Korea. The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. The 19th Korean Music Awards streamed live today at  6 p.m. KST, and we have the winners’ list!

KMA 2022 featured live performances by some of the most famous artists like BTS, IU, AKMU, Aespa, TXT, SHINee, Kim Hyun Chul and Lee Mu Jin. Sigh! Global viewers could easily watch this year’s KMA on the Korean Music Awards YouTube Channel.

About KMA

The Korean Music Awards are one of the most prestigious events in South Korea. The event aims at honouring mainstream and underground artists from varied genres. The year 2004 witnessed the first KMA ceremony.

The Korea Creative Content Agency (KCCA) has organised the 2022 KMA in association with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism at the Nodeul Live House in Nodeulseom, Seoul. The Korean Music Awards Selection Committee was the official host of this event.

Who were the nominees for 2022?

A number of globally-famed K-Pop groups and artists including Aespa, IU, and AKMU (four nominations) were nominees for this event. And guess what? BTS has its fifth consecutive nomination this year.  We had published a list of the nominees in our previous article, and now we have the winners’ list!

Who made it through?

KMA 2022 awarded the best of South Korean Music in diverse genres including pop, hip-hop, trap, jazz, rock, and a lot more. The event witnessed more than 4000 viewers online. They were seen cheering for BTS and Aespa!

Interestingly, Querencia by Chung Ha has won the K-Pop Album of the Year award. And no surprises! The Song of the Year goes to Aespa’s “Next Level”. “BTS Charts and Translations” have won the Musician of the Year Award.

Here is the full winners’ list of 2022 KMA awards:

  • Song of the year (Grand Prize/Daesang): SM’s Entertainment’s rookie group Aespa’s Next Level
  • Album of the year (Grand Prize): Lang Lee’s There is a Wolf
  • Musician of the year:  BTS Charts and Translations

  • Rookie of the year: Next Level and “Savage” crooners Aespa
  • Best Pop Album: K-Pop’s IU’s ‘Lilac’ (2021)
  • Best Pop Song: South Korean musician duo AKMU (Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-Hyun)  for Nakka ft IU
  • Best K-Pop Song: Damn, it is Aespa’s iconic track “Next Level”
  • Best K-Pop Album: Soloist Chungha for “Querencia”
  • Special Achievement Award: Devils
  • Best Jazz Album – Jihye Lee Orchestra Daring Mind
  • Best Rap and Hip-Hop Song – Changmo Taiji
  • Best Jazz Vocal Album – Maria Kim With Strings: Dream of You
  • Best Modern Rock Song – Silica Gel Desert Eagle
  • Best Rap and Hip-Hop Album – Choi LB Independent Music
  • Best Modern Rock Album: Wings of the Isang The Borderline Between Hope and Despair
  • Best Rock Album – Soumbalgwang Happiness, Flower
  • Best Metal and Hardcore Album – Agnes Hegemony Shif
  • Best Rock Song – Soumbalgwang Dance
  • Best R&B and Soul Album – Thama Don’t Die Colors
  • Best R&B and Soul Song – Sumin & Slom The Gonlan Song

  • Best Folk Album – Lang Lee There is a Wolf
  • Best Electronic Album – Haepaary Born By Gorgeousness
  • Best Electronic Song – Haepaary Go to GPD and Then
  • Best Folk Song – Chun Yong-sung Barley Tea (ft Kang Mal-geum)

I must say, these awards went to the most well-deserving artists. What do you think? Shoot your thoughts.

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