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Knightfall Season 3: Will it Release or is it Canceled?

Knightfall is an incredible series. And there are a lot of concerns among spectators about Season 3’s renewal. Don Handfield and Richard Rayner produced the historical fiction drama television series Knightfall for the History channel. It premiered on December 6, 2017, after being shot in the Czech Republic and Croatia. The series was revived for a second season by History on August 13, 2018, and it premiered on March 25, 2019.

Knightfall is a series that focuses around the year 1306. And the Knights Templar are nearing the end of their reign as one of the most prominent Christian organizations. The Templar’s last fortress, Acre, has fallen, and rumors persist that the fallen Grail is still in the vicinity. The Templars have moved their focus to restore a presence in the Holy Land, led by the bold, headstrong, but honorable Templar Knight Landry.

They return to the Holy Land to fight, and their wars become known as the Crusades. The Templar’s are losing allies and acquiring new and formidable adversaries, including France’s King. The Holy Grail and any knowledge capable of defeating the Church are assigned to the famed, wealthy, and secretive military organization of warrior monks. Well, the question is whether or not we will be able to witness Season 3 of Knightfall.

Knightfall Season 3 – Renewed Or Canceled?

If you’re a fan of the Knightfall series, you’ll be saddened by this report. It was announced in May 2020 that the series had been canceled and would not be renewed for a 3rd season. Even though it was announced about a year ago, viewers are still hoping for the show to come back. Also, if you’re still waiting for the show to be renewed, you probably shouldn’t as there will be no more seasons. Season 2 was the ending of this phenomenal series.

What Happened At The Conclusion Of Knightfall?

Spoiler Alert!

Well, if you’ve watched the whole series you must’ve seen that as Landry and his Templar companions are about to be killed, Master Talus and the Lazarist knights under Gabriel, along with Anne, show up in a covered wagon and free a limited handful of them. They flee to the Paris Temple, where Lydia lends them refuge in her home until the royal troops break-in.

Master Talus repulses an invasion by an entire company of the king’s soldiers on his own. Giving Anne and the other Templar’s opportunity to escape. The dispersed Templar’s ascend to the roofs in the morning to find one another, which is a Templar technique. After that, Philip, enraged at de Nogaret’s failure to apprehend Landry, brutally beats him.

The Templar’s, Gawain, and Lydia utilize a concealed passageway to go to the Palace, where they embark on a boat to escape Paris. The king’s soldiers, however, kill Anne and Tancrede with a crossbow shot before they approach the pier. Landry returns to the castle alone in order to assassinate King Philip for trying to murder his daughter. No soldiers are there to protect the king because the army is concentrated on locating the Templar’s.

After seeing his beloved wife Margaret die in prison, Prince Louis, like de Nogaret, abandons his father to single combat with Landry. Landry informs Philip that God has abandoned him and kills him after a concise but terrible sword duel. Well, a lot of viewers aren’t satisfied with the series’ conclusion. Because the Templar’s’ departure is still a mystery to the viewers as to how they achieved it. So, now that the show has come to an end, all we can do is watch the prior seasons.

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  1. It is sad to read this article that Theres no S3 for Nightfall . Ived waiting this in Netflix. And also my Dougther told me. to subscribe in any platform that we have a NIGHTFALL S3. Hope for the best can produced the creator again that kinds of Video.inspiring to watch.

  2. Have a Masters Degree in history from Cal State and a retired 28 years of service in the military k n i g h t fall was one of the best stories I’ve ever encountered what a shame not to have season 3 to all well done

  3. I hope the creator and the producer will read this.
    The last scene where Landry killed finally the King, cannot be the end. There are still unsolved matters!
    1. What happend with the mother of Landry? Why was she chosen by Godfrey to hide the Holy Grale? Is Godfrey hun father?
    2. There was a scène after the Grale was broken by Landry, that someone took another Grale out of a bag. Was that the real Grale? And where is it now?
    3. What happend with his daughter? Did she escape properly? She was so important because it was a love baby of him and Joan, but the story didnot explain further and the spectators are not pleased with the end.
    Why ending this wonderful serie with so many unsolved issues?
    Please consider to make a 3rd serie and then you will see that you will make many people satisfied and happy!

  4. Totally agree – the series depicted so well what life at court would have been like in the Dark Ages – obviously the story was given huge “artistic licence” but who cares – what a pity there will be no third series – instead we get never ending rubbishy “woke” nonsense.

  5. I’m getting fed up of watching a Netflix series and the good ones they cancel or not renewed as in knightfall it’s so frustrating surely Netflix should have a way of seeing how popular these are and judge whether it be renewed or not ?!!

  6. I just watched the series and really loved it…Why most of the series at Netflix they get cancelled or discontinued? the same happened with marco Polo!!!

    very annoying… 🙁 🙁

    bring back season 3

  7. That’s a big frustration not having a closing to the story. Maybe they’ve been forbidden to share further information as it involves masonry questions.

  8. Please make season 3 of KNIGHTFALL a absolute pleasure to watch, brilliant acting, ..Why on earth would you end it now, so many story lines left to pursue …. Hoping and waiting for more …

  9. I really hope the producers change their minds and continue not only a season 3, but many more. I agrees with Northy Davies as well with those unanswered theories plus I would like to know more about the Continuation of the kings treacherous daughter.


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