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Kevin Gates Ignites Shocking Memes From Fan For ‘Childbirth Instagram Story’

American rapper Kevin Gates left everyone stunned after he shared a live NSFW Instagram story, including a video of a woman giving birth on Sunday (May 7). The 37-year-old reposted the clip from @idiebirth but deleted it in a few hours. But again, fans have already launched shocking and hilarious memes.

What Was In Kevin Gates’ Instagram Story?

Kevin Gates has ignited uproar from fans as the rapper shared a since-deleted Instagram story of a woman giving birth. While some were confused, the woman in the video is none other than his wife, Dreka Haynes, and the story showed the birth of his own child.

The recently shared childbirth video wasn’t made at a hospital but rather included midwifery, who shares videos of at-home births. The clip showed the mother delivering the baby at home right into her husband’s hands.

What’s more confusing is that caption from the original post reveals that it was shared in April. “In celebration of black maternal health week, Kendra is sharing her birth video and she offers this wisdom from this amazing birth experience,” said the previous caption.

Gates captioned the story, “The Most Beautiful thing on earth is the gift of Life [palms up together and heart hands emojis]. But again, the rapper did not bother to give a “graphic description” alert to fans, who might have opened the video sipping their coffee at a workplace.

There was no rhyme or reason as to why the “By Any Means” rapper reposted the graphic video of the woman. Some fans even alerted others not to watch Gates’ story. Many launched hilarious reactions to Kevin Gates’ IG story which is now deleted and replaced by his videos.

How Are Fans Reacting?

After Kevin Gates shared the since-deleted IG story, fans were quick to make memes out of the questionable video. One fan wrote, “I was having a nice Sunday until I saw this.” Another shared a child meme near an execution gallow, and tweeted: ” Me finally realizing how curiosity killed the cat.” Here are some of the reactions:

Gates made headlines previously for kicking a fan while he was performing live in Florida. He was charged with battery, however, the rapper used Florida’s stand-your-ground law in defense. He was convicted and sentenced to 180 days in jail, owing to his previous criminal history. But what he did just now, it’s just unbelievable. Did you see his Instagram story?

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