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Kendall Jenner’s Halloween ‘Big Sliced Cucumber’ Costume Is Inspired By Previous Trolls

Kendall Jenner is getting herself trolled for her Halloween Costume, which is just too hilarious. Months after she went viral for not knowing how to slice the fruit, the 26-year-model decided to dress as a “huge sliced cucumber” for this Halloween. Read on to know how fans are losing their calm over this.

Giving Out Fruits And Veggies…

Kendall Jenner, 26 is getting herself trolled for her hilarious Halloween attire. The American supermodel dressed as a giant slice of cucumber for Halloween, months after a video of her slicing the fruit awkwardly went viral on social media. It came out that she didn’t know how to cut a cucumber.

While celebrities are continuing to wear inspiration-themed Halloween costumes, Kendall just donned one based on her own experience. Kendall took to Instagram, and shared her Halloween look, donning a sliced cucumber costume, dark green leggings and stiletto boots, giving us all those junior school fancy competition vibes.“I’m giving out fruits and veggies tonight,” she captioned it while holding a fake knife.

Not only this, but she also posted a video of her Halloween attire on TikTok, while audio from “Mean Girl” played in the background: “In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year where you can dress like a total s**t and no other girls can say anything about it”/”I’m a mouse, duh!”

Well, guess what? Some of her 262 million Instagram followers couldn’t keep calm. One wrote, “THIS IS TOO ICONIC😭. “Only 3 things are guaranteed in life, death, taxes, and Kendall delivering on Halloween 😂❤️,” another person added. Another joked, “did the chef cut that for you? Or did you figure out how to use that knife?”

On the other hand, Kendall’s sister Kim Kardashian dropped a series of laughter emojis on her post. Hailey Bieber commented, “cryin(g)”, while Khloe Kardashian wrote, “You win the award.” Well, Kendall is proving to be a true sport despite the “tragic” cucumber incident.

What Was The Cucumber Incident?

If you’re not aware, in May, the “818 Tequila” founder was badly trolled for an episode of the “Kardashian”, wherein she could be seen struggling to cut a cucumber. Even though her family claimed that she was disappointed with the criticism, Kendall continued to make fun of the situation on social media, calling it “tragic”.

n May, the 818 Tequila founder faced backlash after an episode of the “Kardashians” for not knowing how to cut a cucumber. During that episode, Jenner visited her mom, Kris Jenner, and began to prepare herself a snack. When her mom stated that the chef would do it for her, Kendall decided to take on the task herself.

However, she struggled with cutting a cucumber and crossed her hands over one another while she held the knife in one hand and the end of the cucumber in the other. Well, I must say that was pretty dumb of her and that’s what the social media felt at the moment.

After being warned by her mom to “be careful,” she admitted that she is “kinda scared” and looked at the camera to tell viewers: “I’m definitely not a good cutter, so don’t zoom in on me. I’m not professional whatsoever.”

In fact, her sister, Kylie Jenner trolled her after posting a TikTok video from their sister Kourtney Kardashian’s Italian and wrote: “Me and cucumber girl.” After all the criticism, Jenner wrote “Tragic!” in a post responding to the comments. Now, she’s dressed as one. Isn’t someone tripping way too much over a cucumber?

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