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Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Claudia Conway Kicks Off Playboy Bunny Career

Claudia Conway is back in the spotlight! Kellyanne Conway’s “wild child” daughter Claudia who has come back from a social-media break has become a Playboy bunny now. At the moment, she is 18 years old.

The teenager who is President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, and vocal Trump critic George T. Conway III’s daughter is an online Playboy bunny now. Read on to know more about her decision to become a Playboy bunny.

Claudia Conway has become a Playboy Bunny now

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, Kellyanne and George Conway’s daughter Claudia made a subscription page on Playboy.com, in late April. At the time of writing, she has a total of 11 posts shared on her page.

In the pictures posted on her page on Playboy.com, the 18-year-old can be seen posing in a selection of bikinis. According to Page Six, the racier images such as cleavage closeups, are available for purchase. The cost of these pictures can vary from $5 to $99.

As per the New York Post, the official statement issued by the magazine read  “Playboy believes all women deserve to have full control over their bodies and their voices. Claudia Conway is one of many women who have found freedom, autonomy, and major financial success on our creator platform. We welcome her and support her choices.”

Claudia Conway issues a statement on creating a subscription page on Playboy.com

On May 23, 2023, Tuesday, Claudia took to her Twitter page and shared the story of her life with her fans all over the world. She wrote, “the only comment i’ll provide: when i was 15-16, i was exploited by the media, preyed upon, and was forced into portraying myself as something i wasn’t. my body was taken from me. now, as a young adult, i am aiming to reclaim my womanhood and femininity in a way that is truly mine.”

The Playboy bunny further added, “i am putting myself out there in a way that is MY OWN and no one else’s. i have full control of my body and my voice. i believe in writing your own narrative, like i’ve said in the past, and taking back what was once unjustly taken from you.”

In a separate tweet, the teen penned, “autonomy and freedom are two things everyone should have. don’t let someone capitalize off of your vulnerabilities— reclaim them. sending you all light and love on this tuesday.”

In a follow-up tweet, she went on to say, “and who owns the content, making money off of it, and has full control over what is out there now? me”

Claudia Conway has had a complex relationship with her mom Kellyanne

Conway has had a complicated relationship with her mother Kellyanne as the two of them have clashed over different political views. In the year 2020, Claudia, an outspoken anti-Trump TikToker posted a wave of anti-Trump and pro-Black Lives Matter content on social media.

In a now-deleted tweet, Claudia mentioned that her “parents, particularly my mother, are trying to silence me by getting me to delete my social media. haha.” Then, she seemingly took a dig at her mom and referred to her as “Smelly Kelly.”

In August 2020, Conway stated that she was ready for a new family. At that time, she tweeted, “I’m officially pushing for emancipation. Buckle up because this is probably going to be public one way or another, unfortunately. Welcome to my life.”

Kellyanne Conway and George Conway recently announced their divorce

Claudia’s parents Kellyanne and George are headed in the direction of divorce. The two of them announced their divorce in March 2023. Then, the estranged couple put out a joint statement to confirm their split. The pair tied in the knot in the year 2001 and parted ways after 22 years of marriage.

They said, “We are in the final stages of an amicable divorce. We married more than two decades ago, cherish the many happy years (and four corgis) we’ve shared, and above all else, our four incredible children, who remain the heartbeat of our family and our top priority.”

The statement further read, “Kindly respect our privacy. We appreciate the many family members, friends and colleagues who know us, care for us, and support us. We remain united as parents to provide love, joy, comfort and protection to our beautiful children.”

Kellyanne talked about her marriage to George in her memoir Here’s the Deal, which was released on May 24, 2022. She wrote, “On one side was my marriage and my husband. On the other was my job and my boss.”

She further added, “George was mixing the two of them in a highly combustible manner. I was able to keep these things separate and in perspective. George should have, too, but it seemed the flood of reaction and attention he was receiving was magnetic and irresistible.”

How did the fans react to Claudia Conway’s decision to become a Playboy bunny?

One social media user tweeted, “Sorry our country put you through that. No child deserves to be put through that because of who their parents are.” Another one added, “Very strong and beautiful words Claudia. Your story is one for you to tell.”

A user went on to say, “Sweetie…. I think your mom exploited you. I’m glad you’re finding your voice. Just remember, family can be toxic and sometimes you need a break from the bullshit. But super proud your claiming your voice.”

Followed by a fourth user who tweeted, “That circus was never yours. You were caught under its tent with the exits purposefully blocked. Now you are free to stand under the clear blue sky.”

A fifth user chimed in, “As long as YOU are making your own decisions and not hurting yourself or anyone else it’s no one’s business. I hope you have a happy and healthy life.”  A user said, “Best of luck in everything in Life, you deserve the best, you didn’t ask to go through people put you through, be blessed.”

What do you have to say about Claudia Conway’s decision to become a Playboy bunny? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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