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Kelly Osbourne Reveals First Photo Of Baby Boy While Hanging Out With Jack

The first photo of Kelly Osbourne’s baby boy was shared with the world soon after the child’s birth at the end of 2022. A picture shows her son snuggled up against her while she hangs out with her brother, Jack, while she’s out with her son.

Taking their first look at their little bundle of joy, Kelly has released a picture that will leave fans gushing over the adorableness.

Jack Osbourne And Kelly Osbourne Share A Glimpses Of Their Newborn Son

The Osbournes are bringing their baby to work with them. On Friday, the new mom posted a pic of herself and her newborn son on her Instagram Story, her first solo photo after getting glammed up during the Osbournes’ filming of their new reality series, Home to Roost.

It is shown in the picture that the new mother is holding her son Sidney, who appears to have light hair, while she has her lavender hair in pigtails. In the bottom corner of the bag, there is a sticker that reads “Lights, Camera, Action.”.

A few minutes later, she shared a photo on her Facebook page in which she was shocked while her brother Jack, 37, looked down at his nephew with a smile.

In the post’s caption, Kelly, 38 years old, shared Irene Banks’s quote, “An uncle is a blessing. It means so many things. Words could never tell the joy an uncle brings. An uncle is a bond of faith that even time can’t sever, a gift to last all of our lives. An uncle is forever.”

Kelly’s baby boy’s head reappears, and a little hand reaches towards the collar of her shirt, indicating that he is going for it.

Taking A Break From Work After A Newborn Is Difficult For Kelly Osbourne

In a recently published interview, Kelly Osbourne opened up about the difficulty of returning to work after giving birth to her first child. It was launched by the new mom, 38, who shared a selfie in the car on her way home over the weekend announcing that she had taken her first job since giving birth to her daughter.

“I have a newfound respect for working mothers. I took my first job since having a baby. Leaving him this morning was one of the hardest things ever. This day can’t go by quickly enough for me. I can’t want to have him back in my arms. 😢.” This was what she confessed to herself.

The following day, Osbourne shared a snap on her Instagram Story featuring her son Sidney’s car seat as she noted that she was bringing him to work for day two. “I could not leave him again, so it brings your #BringYourBabyToWorkDay,” she wrote.

During her mother, Sharon Osbourne’s live television appearance in the fall of 2022, Kelly Osbourne and her boyfriend, Sid Wilson, announced the arrival of their baby boy. It was revealed on her UK TV show The Talk last month that Kelly’s baby boy was named after the grand mother-of-five’s grandmother.

About Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is a British TV personality, performer, and fashion designer with many interests. Born in London, she is the daughter of a celebrity singer and a successful media manager. While she was a child, her family moved 20 times between Britain and the United States.

As a result of her father’s addiction, things were also complicated for her. She appeared on the reality show The Osbournes, filmed at their house in her late teens. Kelly Osbourne’s career in the entertainment and fashion industries began after she appeared on the show.

She has worked in various fields, including singing, acting, TV presentation, and reality show judging. As well as dancing in reality shows, she has also had a career as a dancer. Her addiction to painkillers has been openly discussed, and she has been in rehab multiple times due to her addiction.

Fans were delighted to glimpse the precious baby, with many expressing their excitement and best wishes for the happy family. Kelly’s baby boy will be showered with love, as they both have excellent support from friends and family. Comment below to send best wishes to the family.

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