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Katy Perry to Host Podcast Series About Elizabeth Taylor

Harleys in Hawaii singer Katy Perry is all geared up to narrate the life story of Elizabeth Taylor in a new podcast series. We will witness all the never-heard stories of the great actor and entrepreneur in the podcast.

More Details about Katy’s new podcast

Elizabeth the First is the name of the new podcast series of the American Idol Judge. Katy will play the role of host for a 10-part podcast series. The podcast will see the light of the day this spring. It will be available on all major podcast platforms.

House of Taylor will produce the series in association with Imperative Entertainment and Perry’s Kitty Purry Productions. Through this new podcast, we will get to know more about Hollywood’s original influencer.

The series will also feature stories from the people who were closest to Elizabeth. She died in 2011 in part through exclusive access to audio from the archives of the House of Taylor.

In the podcast, we will also get information about Elizabeth’s fight against the male-dominated movie studio system as a young actress. She fought well and garnered a salary of nearly $1 million to star in the 1963’s film Cleopatra. It was a big deal at that time.

Elizabeth The First will document Taylor’s groundbreaking public announcement that she was getting help for her alcoholism and drug abuse. It will also include how she used her celebrity status in a great way. She used it to throw light on social causes like AIDS and HIV at a time when even Hollywood didn’t talk about it.

Katy Perry’s thoughts on the upcoming podcast

In a statement issued, the 37-year-old spilled the beans on her forthcoming podcast series. She said, “Like most people, I was attracted to her glamour, and in my own life, I continue to find myself referencing her through some of my visuals.”

Perry further added, “I’ve always felt a kinship towards her — I’ve even literally bathed in the same bathtub where she made that bar-setting ‘Cleopatra’ deal! I’m inspired by her bold activism, her constant boss moves in business, and through it all, an unapologetic way of loving — all things I try to live in my own life. It’s an honor to be able to share her story in this way.”

What did the House of Taylor have to say on ‘Elizabeth the First’?

House of Taylor issued a statement that read, “We are proud to announce this truly innovative and unique podcast about Elizabeth. During her lifetime, Elizabeth Taylor was arguably the most famous woman in the world. As such, she was talked about, written about, photographed, referenced, and celebrated ad infinitum.”

They continued, “She was also judged, analyzed, and lived her life under the constant scrutiny of the press and public. What makes ‘Elizabeth the First’ extraordinarily special is that this will be the first narrative that explores Elizabeth as the original multihyphenate.”

We can’t wait to see what Katy has in store for us in the future. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates.

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