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Kathy Hilton’s Motherhood Gift to Rihanna is so Thoughtful

Who says perfect gifts for babies don’t exist? Ask Kathy!

Okay, this might come as a shock to the majority of us but, Kathy Hilton and Rihanna could be the BFFs that no one knows about. Or are they maintaining a secret friendship?

After receiving “the” perfect gift from Kathy, Rihanna is absolutely in awe. However, what leaves us surprised is, how did any of this happen?

Rumors have it, that the duo’s classic friendship began in September, ’22. The Internet addressed and marked their presence. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars were spotted together at a Met Gala Party. Kathy even shared a picture of the two post-event.

While the two aren’t regularly seen crossing each other’s ways; Kathy did confirm that she has prepped two Christmas gifts for Rihanna the same year. That’s an old story though. Let’s jump to the latest one.

Kathy has got another gift for Rihanna to celebrate her motherhood. Let’s take a dig.

Kathy Hilton’s gift to Rihanna

Last Thursday, Rihanna gave birth to a cute baby boy with her partner A$AP Rocky. The 34-year-old star had been together with her partner for a long time.

Kathy Hilton, the reality superstar is a mother to four kids namely, Conrad, Paris, Nicky, and Barron. She shares her marriage with Richard Hilton, an entrepreneur. Kathy’s gift to Rihanna as the latter enters her first year of motherhood includes a hot water bottle and a humidifier. 

She revealed, “[I sent Rihanna] a hot water bottle, a humidifier, and things that you’ll need for the first year [of motherhood.]”

Ever since the newborn visited, the couple hasn’t left each other. A source confirmed, “They have not left each other’s side. They are over the moon. She’s been looking forward to motherhood for a long time. This little boy is going to have the best baby fashion.”

Teaparty & Lights!

In addition to being a great help to Rihanna, Kathy is also decked up to welcome her daughter’s baby. Kathy’s daughter, Nicky, 38, with her husband James Rothschild is expecting her third child. She is busy arranging tea parties, and nurseries for the grand welcome.

Speaking to the news sources, she said, “I’m so excited! I’m getting the room up there ready. [Tea parties] are something that I enjoy, my daughters enjoy, my daughter’s two little girls enjoy, and all our friends. It’s so whimsical and I’m so excited to just see everybody’s face when they walk in.”

Kathy is the grandmother of Theodora, Lily, and Five, and is gearing up to welcome her first grandson.

Kathy is always full of energy when it comes to throwing a lavish party. According to her, the key essence is, “lighting.”

She said “Candles in the evening, so that everything looks very glowy and happy. The women look great, the men look great,” Kathy advised. “And enough beverages for everybody, a good enough selection and something to eat.”

It was very thoughtful of Kathy to present a motherhood gift to Rihanna. We are sure Rihanna is elated.

What do you think about Kathy’s present to Rihanna? Let us know.

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