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Kate Bosworth And Justin Long Are Engaged After Debuting A 10-Carat Ring

In a shocking announcement that has sent shockwaves across social media, Kate Bosworth and Justin Long have taken their relationship to an entirely new level with a statement of their engagement.

There was a lot of excitement as the couple, who started dating in 2021, debuted a stunning 10-carat diamond ring to their friends, which left fans in awe.

A Report Claims Kate Bosworth Is Engaged To Justin Long

According to recent reports, Kate Bosworth and Justin Long have been involved for a while. On March 24, People reported that several sources confirmed that the 40-year-old “Blue Crush” star and her fiancé are engaged to be married after the star debuted a 10-carat ring at Vanity Fair’s Oscars party on March 12.

POPSUGAR has yet to hear back from the stars’ representatives, but an insider close to Bosworth has told People that the actor is on cloud nine about the upcoming wedding. According to the source, she shows off her engagement ring to her friends, who are excited about the news.

Even though she is coy about details, she is beaming with joy. “Everyone is happy for her. Justin is a great guy. He adores her. It’s just amazing to see them together.” Reports said.

When Bosworth shared a photo album on her Instagram page on March 15 depicting her and Long getting ready for the Academy Awards, she hinted at the relationship milestone she would achieve.

She credited Ashlie Johnson, the nail artist who performed the essential manicure she had ever received, in the caption for the post. Johnson also shared pictures from Bosworth’s night as part of her Instagram post, calling attention to the actress’s new bling in the post’s caption.

Her Eight-Year Marriage To Filmmaker Michael Polish Ended In August 2022

In the wake of the announcement that she would be separating from her director husband, Michael Polish, after ten years of marriage, Kate Bosworth expressed her deep gratitude to both of them for the love the couple shared over the years.

Overnight, the Blue Crush star posted a caption on Instagram explaining how she felt it was necessary to part ways with her boyfriend, even though the couple has the utmost love and respect for one another.

The star shared a photo of her and her husband with a loving caption describing how their love story began on Big Sur in 2011 after they met on the set. Bosworth went on to explain the difficulty he experienced in leaving Polish. In her opinion, she believes that “Inherently, we fear an ending. To lose what you have because you got what you wanted. To be attached to the expectation of the outcome. The Great Unknown.”

About Kate Bosworth

As a model and actress, Catherine Ann “Kate” Bosworth is one of the best-known names in the industry, known for playing the role of a surfer in the hit film ‘Blue Crush.’ In addition to starring in ‘Wonderland,’ ‘Beyond the Sea,’ and ‘Superman Returns,’ she has appeared in several other notable movies. However, she received positive reviews for her first role in a supporting role in the 1998 film ‘The Horse Whisperer,’ in which she played a supporting role.

There was a role in a 2002 movie called Blue Crush that caught her attention as one that got her noticed. Afterward, she was cast in the film ‘Beyond the Sea’ and ‘Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! ‘ She also starred in the 2006 super hit movie ‘Superman Returns.’ As part of her acting career, she starred in films such as ‘The Girl in the Park’ in 2007 and ’21’ in 2008.

She gained fame after appearing in the movie “Straw Dogs,” released three years later. As part of her role in the ‘Fabric of My Life’ campaign, she sang the television jingle. As well as acting and singing, she has also created a jewelry collection with her friend, celebrity stylist Cher Coulter, called JewelMint, designed in collaboration with her.

The couple has been together since 2021, sharing their love story with fans. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful couple! Be sure to watch for more gossip about celebrities in the future.

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