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Kanye West Snapped Attending Church After Reportedly Missing For Weeks

Kanye West is the talk of the town at the moment! Not long ago, the Good Morning rapper was spotted out and about in public while attending church. In the blink of an eye, his latest outing made him a trending topic on the social media platform Twitter.

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, the controversial superstar had been missing for the last couple of weeks with many of his fans being concerned about his whereabouts.

The missing rumors of the Praise Good rapper began going around in circles last month after his former manager Thomas St. John, claimed that he couldn’t find him. Continue reading further to know more about the recent outing of Kanye West.

All about the latest outing of Kanye West

As per a report by allhiphop.com, the Yeezy designer was recently spotted by a person at a church. The person was able to take a photo of the rapper which quickly began circulating on social media.

In the picture, Kanye West popularly known as ‘Ye’ can be seen wearing a green bomber jacket, camo baseball cap, and a pair of jeans. He seemed like any other Joe Schmo attending a church service.

Soon after, the fans of the rapper started accusing his former business manager of spreading fake news. In December 2022, Kanye’s former manager, Thomas St. John said in a court hearing that Kanye had gone missing as soon as he attempted to sue him for breach of contract.

At that point, West’s former manager, Thomas St. John claimed that Kanye had agreed to pay him a monthly retainer of $300,000, but an “aggressive” meeting allegedly ceased those payments.

The lawsuit read, “[St. John] needed a guarantee that [West] wouldn’t abruptly abandon the commercial relationship, in addition to the financial costs and hazards associated with committing to [Kanye West] as client. But Mr. St. John offered to settle for a contract lasting at least 18 months.”

When did Kanye West’s missing rumors begin?

The missing rumors of the rapper-turned-designer Kanye West started swirling in the air at the end of December 2022. At that point, a hip-hop news Twitter account called Daily Loud went on to claim that the rapper is missing.

Then, the media outlet tweeted, “Kanye West has reportedly been missing and unable to find for weeks according to his ex-business manager.” The tweet quickly spread like a wildfire. At the moment, the tweet has more than 19 million views and over 9k retweets.

In addition to this, some other media outlets also reported the same news on the social media platform Twitter. At that point, a social media user took to Twitter and wrote, “Yo where is my dude Kanye at! Starting to get concerned!”

Another user added, “I’m genuinely worried. where’s Kanye?” Followed by a social media user who penned, “Is anyone else worried about Kanye like where is he.”

What is your take on Kanye West? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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