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Kanye West is ‘Dead’ in his New Poem; Clearly Struggling with Emotions

As we all know, Kanye is going through a divorce from Kim Kardashian. And we’re keeping you up to date on Kanye’s Instagram.

Kanye just released something resembling a ‘creation’ titled ‘Dead.’ And his most recent creation appears to be him expressing it in his life.

Some of the most affecting poems are inspired by real-life situations. And Kanye’s poem clearly touched the hearts of his followers.

He mentioned in the creation that he was murdered, and everything that was written is kind of poetic.

Along with a caption, even men and celebrities can feel and cry. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

‘No One Wanted To Tell Me I Was Dead’

Art only works when it is the artist’s absolute truth, Kanye mentioned this in his caption. And we think that the poem is hi absolute truth apart from the poetic sections.

Kanye’s poem opens with the words, “No one wanted to tell me I was Dead.” And the poem’s angel is sort of like, Kanye was murdered, and he created this poem in which he expresses his feelings.

The poem follows with the sentence, ‘And the only people that would talk to me were in my head’, indicating that Kanye’s appearance in the poem is that his companions aren’t talking to him.

But are instead in his head, where they can have a quiet chat. Later in the poem, the phrase says, ‘Only people who loved me would visit me in their dreams instead.’

And the poem is moving from the head to the dreams. We all have dreams where we visit our loved ones, and it appears like Kanye is having such dreams.

And we certainly mean this in a poetic sense. Kanye’s appearance expresses how his loved ones only meet him in his dreams rather than in reality, which he wishes.

It’s actually an incredible poem with deep meaning. Sometimes the best way to express yourself is through writing. 

Kanye Mentioned Little About ‘Kids’ In His Latest Creation ‘Dead’

Kanye also highlighted ‘kids’ in his latest masterpiece, in addition to expressing his feelings towards loved ones. ‘My kids would dance for me in a home I once led. But kids see ghosts and didn’t know I was Dead’.

We know that children are innocent, and the meaning of Kanye’s lines is deeper than an explanation. The kids in the poem would dance for Kanye in their “own home,” which he had prepared for them.

Well, in real life the kids are with Kim, in their family house. And the kids are naïve, and they have no idea Kanye’s appearance is no longer alive in the poem.

‘Every Thing Was Wrong In The Press’

Let’s take this a step higher. Kanye’s poem takes a turn when he writes, ‘Everything was wrong in the press that I read.’

And this resembles that most of what we see appears to be aren’t; occasionally there are deeper things that the press isn’t aware of.

And the stories keep spreading, and what Kanye read in the press was all wrong, and the truth was something else. All of that spreads more mess. 

Following that, Kanye’s poetry explains how people talk to him when they want something. And no one told him he was actually dead. And they don’t pay attention to anything Kanye says.

It’s more like Kanye spoke, but the meaning of his words couldn’t be understood by another person. Because every phrase has a deeper meaning that is difficult to express.

Yet people just listen to what is on the outside, not what is going on inside. So it’s more like, ‘Won’t listen to one word I said.’

Kanye concluded his poetry by adding that he later discovered a news article regarding Kanye’s murder mystery and was startled to find what was written there. It appears that not everything out there is precise as written.

There is always a different version of the narrative, one that only the person who experienced it can perceive. Kanye’s poetry closes in this manner.

Kanye Remarked That He Will Not Explain This New Piece 

We’d love for Kanye to explain this piece, as he hinted that authentic content is wonderful when it comes from the artist’s true feelings.

However, Kanye wrote in the caption, “I will not explain this new piece for the explanation destroys the mystery and magic of true love and puts it in a box that can be counted.”

Another phrase that Kanye mentioned in the caption is, “Someone’s truth can be another person’s lie.”

And that is true; people believe what they want to believe, and because we are all different, we do not have to feel the same way. Anyway, check out the official post down below.

The true essence of the poem will only be known by Kanye, and now that Ye has refused to explain it, it is understandable. A lot of celebrities showed their shocking expression in the comment section of Kanye’s post.

But all we did was try to give this masterwork a poetic spin from our perspective. In the comments area below, do let us know what you think about this wonderful content.

You are welcome to share your thoughts with us. Everyone, as we all know, has a unique perspective, which we believe should be explored. Stay tuned with us.

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