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K-Pop’s JAMIE Documents Her Boyfriend’s Cheating On Instagram Stories

There has been a public accusation that Jamie has made against her boyfriend, Goo Min Chul, for cheating on her.

In an Instagram story posted on January 23, the singer accused her boyfriend of cheating, alleging that he had been seeing someone else.

Jamie Accuses Goo Min Chul Of Cheating On Her

In a series of Instagram Stories posted on January 22 by a K-pop singer, the singer claims her boyfriend has cheated on her with four to five other girls. There is a South Korean singer named Park Ji-min, commonly referred to as Jamie.

Park Ji-min became famous after winning the first season of Survival Audition K-Pop Star and being a member of the singing duet 15&, where he rose to fame.

As the host of After School Club, she was in charge of the show from 2014 to 2022. However, she has devoted the last few years to her solo singing career and touring. Park and her boyfriend, actor Goo Min Chul, made their relationship public in Nov. 2022 through an Instagram post in which they detailed their relationship, which has since been deleted.

Park has accused Goo of cheating on her in an Instagram Story she posted on Monday, hours after the couple shared pictures of the two of them on a ski trip. “When you find out ur boyfriend is a cheater,” one of the slides in the presentation reads. “He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s getting out of my life.” Unfortunately, all of Park’s Instagram Stories have been deleted since they were posted.

As A Result Of The Accusations, Pop Base Took Screenshots Of Them

Even though the Stories have been removed from Park’s Instagram account, Pop Base took screenshots of the accusations in case they are still relevant to the topic. It was reported that Park replied to Pop Base’s screenshots with a simple “Oops? ”

“Have fun with 4-5? Other girls, babe,” she concluded with a smile. Other screenshots are circulating of Park’s Stories that show that she has said that she will write a good fucking song about her experience and that her followers should not bash men, only him, in her rants. According to K-pop fans on Reddit, rumors have swirled that Park felt she was “neglected and barely promoted” by the label.

“Hopefully, she will have a better team to support her endeavors and also help her develop her artistic identity,” one of the posters said. “The K-pop community knows she can sing but can’t pinpoint what her own sound [is] as a vocalist.” As of the reporting time, Goo has not commented on the allegations that he cheated on her.

The Warner Music Korea Label Has Announced The Departure Of Jamie

There was a split between Jamie and her agency after they parted ways. The Warner Music Korean agency announced on January 6 that Jamie’s contract had expired and he would no longer be working for them. The official announcement regarding this can be found here.

“Hello, this is Warner Music Korea.

We would like to make an official statement regarding the expiration of our contract with our artist Jamie.

We would like to inform you that after a lengthy discussion on future activities, we have agreed with Jamie to respect each other’s opinions and terminate the exclusive contract upon expiration of the contract period.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to Jamie for her efforts and dedication as an artist under Warner Music Korea. We would also like to express our gratitude to fans who provided great support during her time with us.

We will continue to cheer for and support Jamie’s future activities. Please show continued interest and support for Jamie’s future activities.

Thank you.”

Despite this, her boyfriend does not accept the allegation and has not made any statements regarding the matter. For us to find out whether he has cheated on her, we must wait until they find out.

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