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Justin Bieber Slams H&M For His ‘Trash Merch’, Urges Fans Not To Buy The Collection

Justin Bieber has called out H&M for its “Justin Bieber Merchandise”, and is urging fans not to buy it. According to the Grammy-winning artist, H&M released this merch, including T-shirts and hoodies featuring his likeness, lyrics and branding, without the singer’s prior approval. He’s called this collection “trash” and wants the brand to apologise to him.

H&M Released Merch Without Justin’s Consent

Justin Bieber wants H&M to apologise. The 28-year-old “Baby” singer took to his Instagram stories yesterday (Dec. 19) and slammed the retailer for selling his merch, featuring his name and likeness, without his consent. Not only this, but he also called this collection: trash.

Urging his fans not to buy the merch, Justin wrote, “I didn’t approve [sic] any of the merch collection that they put up at H&M .. all without my permission and approval,” Bieber wrote atop a blank orange screen. “SMH I WOULDN’T BUY IT IF I WERE YOU.” He added, “The H&M MERCH THEY MADE OF ME IS TRASH AND I DIDN’T APPROVE IT DON’T BUY IT.”

Presently, H&M is selling a line of hoodies featuring photos of Justin to be bought on the company’s website. Apart from this, there are t-shirts and tote bags. Even though most products have been removed after Bieber’s social media rant, a representative from H&M dismissed his allegation and said, “As with all other licensed products and partnerships, H&M followed proper approval procedures.

Fans Come Forward To Justin’s Support…

After Justin Bieber posted IG stories, many of his fans came forward and started sharing pictures of the “trash merchandise”, slamming the brand for selling items without the singer’s approval.

Even though only one item (A canvas tote bag with Justin’s photo) from this collection seems to be available on the website, fans have been sharing photos spotlighting other items like sweatshirts (reading “World Tour”) and phone cases (lyrics of Justin’s song “Ghost”).

“Why are you selling Justin’s stuff w/o his knowledge… that’s sketchy,” one person commented on the brand’s latest post, and another user commented, “Shame on you.” On the post featuring sparking earrings, other fans commented: “Selling something in Justin’s name without his permission?”

One fan added, “Using Justin’s face and brand without his permission? I hope you guys get sued by him and his team! Another wrote, “You almost sold out your new merchandise with Justin’s face without his consent!!!! Shame on you.” One mocked the brand, “Oh oh someone made a big mistake.”

Justin Bieber also has a separate clothing line, which he launched in 2019. The clothing brand is called “Drew”, a nod to his middle name. Drew House is described by Bieber as a  “community, a place where you can be yourself and loved, encouraged, safe and valued.” He is selling hoodies, sweatpants and t-shirts, featuring his image and references from his latest album Justice. As for this matter, H&M hasn’t responded to requests for comments.

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