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Indian-Canadian YouTube Comedian Jus Reign has been making fans roll over laughing for years now with his “Desi Parents” series of videos on YouTube. All are hilarious, but some of them are seriously too real, like, they’re so accurate you’ll be wondering how he knew your family secrets.

Let’s countdown the realest “Desi Parents” videos by Jus Reign

1. Desi Parents and Vacations

From how desi parents pack 100 of their closest relatives into one minivan with tons of homemade food to save money to picnics in the park, Jus Reign gets it on the point with this video.

Instead of taking a real vacation to places like the Bahamas or a cruise, desis take vacations to any tourist spot within a 100-mile radius. Born and raised in New York City, I can’t tell you how many of my vacations were spent driving to see the White House in DC or Niagara Falls in Canada—just like Jus Reign! No actual sightseeing really happens and basically, it’s a road trip to take a picnic.

2. Desi Parents and Birthdays

Music, politics, gossip, and parents forcing their children to showcase some random skill they recently learned are staples of every desi birthday party.

Jus Reign’s video was literally every birthday party I’ve had.

3. Desi Parents and School

I’m having school flashbacks from this video: parents nagging about grades and spying, mom’s cooking having you smell like tadka all the time, comparing you to other kids, and more—this video will hit you in the feels, it’s so real.

I literally smelled like Tadka all the time. I drenched myself in air freshener and perfume before school. I still kept a bottle of FeBreeze in the car because sometimes you don’t realize you smell like mom’s cooking until you leave the house #StayPrepared

4. Desi Parents and Health

I have mad adrak chai skills because of all the home remedies I had to learn to make as a good mail-order bride. #JustSaying

5. Desi Parents and Technology

This is quite possibly the realest “Desi Parents” video Jus Reign has ever made. I teach my mother how to send emails almost every other weekend, and now that I live 140 miles away, she still calls me up so I can log into her email account and send emails because she can’t figure it out.

The accuracy of this video…SMH.

6. Desi Parents and Halloween

There were a number of years I’ve had to wear a tiara with my lehenga and be an “Indian Princess” for Halloween. Like, every friggin’ year.

7. Desi Parents and Money

I’m 28-years-old and I still lie to my mother about how much money I spent on an outfit. But seriously, the trauma needs to stop.