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“Julia” has been Renewed for Season 2 at HBO Max

Cooking shows have become a staple of the television landscape, and it’s easy to see why. They’re informative and engaging and make you feel like you can do anything in the kitchen.

The chefs in these videos can be seen as celebrities, they eagerly share their recipes with the viewers.

They make people feel better about themselves. Watching a cooking show can be extremely comforting if you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t cook or bake because you don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen.

You’ll see that other people make mistakes too, but they learn from them and get better at it over time. 

But what if I tell you that there are shows that showcase the real life of a successful chef behind all the glory and flour?!

Julia is a television series that fits every bit of the above mentioned brief. Julia is a series based on the real life of influential cook turned TV host Julia Child. 

The biographical drama starring Sarah Lancashire playing Julia has been received very well by the hungry audience leading to the future of the show as announced by the network, HBO Max. Here’s everything you should know.

Julia Season 2 is surely happening as confirmed by HBO Max

The streaming platform is out there making people happy by announcing some of the most exciting renewals and arrivals of the shows.

HBO has also been thinking about hungry heads who were worried about Julia as the series finale is all set to premiere today on 5th May. 

The good folks over HBO have announced the arrival of season 2 ahead of its series finale premiere.

The series is inspired by the life of popular chef Julia Child who hosted the highly influential award winning cooking show, The Frech Chief in 1973.

The show changed the landscape of the cooking genre on television and gave rise to various celebrity chefs. 

The show has an inspiring narrative coming out of 70s America where Julia is celebrating her key moments in life-giving rise to women’s empowerment and feminism. The show contributed to America’s cultural evolution. 

Julia Season 2: Cast

The upcoming season of Julia is expected to include Sarah Lancashire, David Hyde Pierce, Bebe Neuwirth, Fran Kranz, Fiona Glascott and Brittany Bradford.

The American biographical drama series is created by Daniel Goldfarb for HBO Max who also serves as the executive producer along with Christopher Adam Keyser, Kimberly Carver, Charles McDougall, Erica Lipez, and Erwin Stoff. 

Julia: What is the show about?

The series covers the life of Julia, as she moves through her career and personal life in the context of key moments in US history that happen around her.

Along the way, it examines various aspects of contemporary American society, particularly cultural movements like feminism and the rise of public television.

Sarah Lancashire’s masterful performance made us feel as though we were a part of Julia Child’s life, one of her many accomplishments was redefining what public television could do and bringing French cuisine and culture to North America.

So far, the drapes have been closed on any updates for season 2 but we will surely get back as soon as we catch them!

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