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Joseph Quinn Held By US Immigration Before Making His Talk Show Debut

Joseph Quinn, who played Eddie Munson, on Stranger Things Season 4, and is the current crush of Doja Cat, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon¬†in his talk show debut and women were already screaming for him. During his conversation, Joseph revealed that he was held by US immigration and nearly made it to the show. He also talked about playing “Master of Puppets” by Metallica and performed his character in different accents.

Power Of Eddie At Immigration…

Joseph Quinn has become a dream boy of every girl since his appearance on Stranger Things, but Doja Cat stands first in the line. Quinn is always going to remember Fallon’s show, first, it’s his first talk show ever, and second, he got help up at immigration and nearly made it to The Tonight Show.

Joseph said, “I was held up at immigration yesterday,” and asked the audience, “ever been secondary? Ever been secondary? Anyone.” While stating that the experience was not-so-fun, Joseph narrated the incident by saying, “I was taken into–I guess–what you call it–It was more of a dungeon–I was asked to wait there for 20 minutes, and I was summoned to this desk where someone asked me, What are you doing in the United States sir?”

Joesph replied to the immigration officer, “Well, I am actually here to meet Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and he didn’t believe me. One of his colleagues looked over at me, looked at him, and said Leave Eddie alone!” Joseph continued, “…And then he said, “Who are you? I don’t know.” Joseph stated that the other officer said its Eddie from Stranger Things.¬†

Joseph narrated that the officer was in shock and said, “you’re Eddie Munson!” and I was like, kind of. He was like, “Do you come back next season?” I said, “Um, I don’t know.” He was like, “You better give me the passport. Jimmy Fallon declared, “That’s the power of Eddie Munson.”


Quinn said that he is very glad that Fallon let him come on the show and revealed a present he got for Fallon. And guess what? The present was a “Hellfire Club” t-shirt! Fallon said he is extremely honoured to be a part of the Hellfire Club, and joked that he’d wear this through immigration. Now if you watch Stranger Things, you’d know all about the crazy club that land Eddie in trouble but made him a hero in the end.

Playing Master Of Puppets During Chaos…

Quinn revealed that he went to comic con and was awed by how people are connected with the character. When Fallon asked what is it that they are connecting to, Eddie replied, “He’s an outsider and a little bit kind of on the fringes of the society.” Fallon said that Jack Black game Quinn a shootout the other night. Quinn said, “He worshipped the guy since School Of Rock.”

While revealing my favourite scene, which is also Fallon’s favourite scene, the host showed a picture of Eddie playing “Master of Puppets” from my favourite band Metallica. This was one of the greatest moments in “Stranger Things”. The song is nearly 40 years old, and Eddie just walked everyone down memory lane. Quinn joked, “I get no royalties though.”

Well, Metallica is the most legendary band out there and for metal fans, the song was as legendary as it has now become for the mainstream after Eddie played it on “Stranger Things”. Quinn revealed that it was nerve-wracking. He also thanked Gaten, who had already appeared on the show. Quinn revealed that playing Master of Puppets was like a rock concert and he felt like a rockstar for a night.

Fallon said that Metallica too must have freaked out after you made that song number 1! Well, Eddie may have given the song some publicity to those, who don’t hear metal but again, I repeat that that’s a bit of an overstatement because “Master of Puppets” goes down in history without Eddie!

But yea, commercially, he’s done well for the band and an unaware lot of people have also started listening to good music. Fallon mentioned a TikTok by the name of @Schmoyoho, who made a remix of Eddie’s lines, “Chrissy wake up”, and it’s the funniest thing ever. Jimmy even played the video and said that they’ve re-voiced it and made it into a song. Quinn revealed that he has already seen it and it has remained in his head.

Fallon mentioned that people love Quinn’s relationship with Gaten in the show. Fallon said, “He is a special dude right, very talented!” Quinn revealed that you’ve had him on here. Fallon stated that Joe Keery said the same thing about Quinn and that they both love him.

Quinn stated, “I had the best time with them, I was quite nervous with this dynamic, because, I think you guys have seen the show. Gaten and Joe’s character, this dynamic is something people really like.” He mentioned that they’d compare Gaten anecdotes constantly.

Eddie’s Monologue In Different Accents…

Joseph Quinn was reminded by Fallon that this American accent is great, but he does a bunch of different accents. Fallon asked him if they could hear one of Eddie’s monologues in different accents. He introduced a few cue cards to Eddie, mentioning, for instance, if Eddie Munson was from different parts of the world.

Joseph Quinn performed a scene from Stranger Things in different accents. “The first one, Scottish,” Joseph said while reading the card. He went on saying in a Scottish accent using a lisp, “Where are the freaks because we’d like to play a fantasy game.”

Next was Liverpool, and Joseph said in that accent, “Boy, Boy as long as you’re in the band, science or parties…” While saying this, Joseph mentioned that his mom is from Liverpool and she sounds exactly like this. He further went on narrating a few more dialogues in Australian, New York, and Welsh. In the end, Fallon played a clip from Stranger Things, which included Gaten and Joesph. What do you think about Eddie? Well, I don’t want him dead.

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