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Jordan Peele’s Nope Soundtrack: List of All Songs from the Movie

What’s a bad miracle?

Jordan Peele’s movie Nope is actually making a statement with its engaging narrative and now the soundtrack. The movie is about two siblings who run a horse ranch in California. And they explore something marvelous and sinister in the skies above.

While the owner of an adjoining theme park attempts to benefit from the mystical, otherworldly phenomenon.

Critics praised the movie for its originality, aspiration, performances, and Peele’s direction. The stellar cast and acting, great spectacle, strong characters, and the reality that Jordan Peele stepped out of his comfort zone are all massive redeeming aspects of this movie.

‘Nope’ Movie Soundtrack: All Songs Explored

Michael Abels, who previously collaborated with Peele on Get Out and Us, made up the movie’s score. Back Lot Music published the soundtrack album on the same day as the movie, July 22, 2022.

A remix of Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at Night” is also included on the score album. Let’s go over each song in the movie.

Haywood Ranch By Michael Abels

The Muybridge Clip By Michael Abels 

La Vie C’est Chouette By Jodie Foster

Jupiter’s Claim By Michael Abels 

Brother Sister Walk By Michael Abels 

‘Walk On By’ By Dionne Warwick 

Growing Up Haywood By Michael Abels

This Is The Lost Generation By The Lost Generation

Not Good By Michael Abels

What’s a Bad Miracle By Michael Abels

The Oprah Shot By Michael Abels 

Ancient Aliens By Michael Abels

Park Kids Prank Haywood By Michael Abels

It’s In The Cloud By Michael Abels

Holy Sh*t It’s Real By Michael Abels

Progressive Anxiety By Michael Abels

The Star Lasso Expeeerrriii By Michael Abels

Arena Attack By Michael Abels

Sunglasses at Night [Jean Jacket Mix] By Corey Hart

Blood Rain By Michael Abels

The Unaccounted For By Michael Abels

Preparing The Trap By Michael Abels

Purple People Reader By Michael Abels & Michael Wincott

Exuma, The Obeah Man By Exuma

Man Down By Michael Abels

WTF Is That By Michael Abels

The Run [Urban Legends] By Michael Abels

Abduction By Michael Abels

Havoc By Michael Abels

Em & Angel Fly By Michael Abels

A Hero Falls By Michael Abels

Pursuit By Michael Abels

Winkin’ Well By Michael Abels

Nope By Michael Abels

Skin In The Game

Michael Abels Talked About The Soundtrack Of The Movie

Michael Abels discussed the movie’s soundtrack and explained something.

“I talk with Jordan a lot about, ‘What’s the threat level?’,” Abels stated. “He’ll sometimes say, ‘Something bad is coming, but it’s not here yet.’

It’s very important that each cue match the intention of the script and the storytelling, and that the music not be scarier than where we are or not as scary as where we are. Every sound has its natural threat level, I think.”

Adding, “The idea of ‘bad miracle’ is an important theme of the film because it’s equal parts ‘Oh shit’ and ‘Oh my god! The music needs to have both those senses together.

Both a little bit of a sense of awe like we would have to look at the Grand Canyon, but then also the urge to run far away from the Grand Canyon because falling in would not be good. That’s the dichotomy that’s present in the film.

So in the music, you hear a sense of a little bit of awe and magic, and then there’s sheer terror. But then there’s also a sense of a real epic adventure towards the end and giant music that accompanies a giant, historic adventure.”

Peele’s opinion on the soundtrack.

“There’s a motif in there and an energy that is about joyousness and adventure and agency and everything that is antithetical to the horror genre. These moments where it’s all about this calibration and negotiation of what the audience is seeing and what we want them to feel, sometimes those things aren’t the same.

Sometimes the visual and the aural sound, the music, it’s imperative that they don’t link up. That was a lot of what our discussion was.”

What are your thoughts on Nope’s soundtrack? Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. The soundtracks have become one of the elements of Peele’s movies that I anticipate the most! ‘Got Five on It’ made even better with violins???? Yesss-uh!


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