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Joel McHale Speaks About Hosting Celebrity Beef, Sarcastically Calls It “Sophisticated”

American actor, comedian, producer, screenwriter and television host, Joel Edward McHale appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and spoke about hosting “Celebrity Beef”, driving a car in London and replacing Rob Lowe in a celebrity softball game at Dodger Stadium. Read on to know what the “Down To Earth” guy spoke to Jimmy.

Coming Back From London…

Jimmy Fallon greeted Joel McHale on The Tonight Show by telling him that he is the most fun guy Jimmy has ever worked with. On that, Joel joked, “No, I am a di**!”. Jimmy congratulated him for doing an episode on “Password” recently. Joel McHale said, “Wait till you see that Keke Palmer.” Jimmy responded, “That’s exactly right, that’s the secret ingredient.” Joel called Keke a comedy alien.

Jimmy then asked Joel about his trip back from London. Joel revealed that he drove in London for the first time ever on the left side of the road. Jimmy asked, “Does that make you nervous? Joel responded, “It’s like training a cat. It was all wrong. I felt like I was playing Grand Theft Auto, like, with a mirror. And, I was so nervous. And my kids were like, can you turn on the music?” He told his kids no because he was just trying to keep them alive, phew.

However, Joel stated that he actually got good at it, and was like “Watch this left turn, and we’re staying over here.” The 50-year-old comedian added that his final test was when he drove through Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. He said, “I had a couple of beers and I was blasting Oasis.” Jimmy said, “That’s what you do in London.” He also spoke about taking his kids sightseeing because that’s what teenagers love.

The Celebrity Softball Game…

Joel McHale was asked about being all over the internet for a celebrity softball game at Dodger Stadium. Joel revealed that he thought it was just a local Dodger Celebrity Game but it wasn’t. It was for All-Star Weekend. He found out that he replaced Rob Lowe. He added, “…And if you’d have told me when ‘St. Elmo’s Fire came out that would happen, I’d be like, I am living the dream.”

Jimmy Fallon revealed a picture from the softball game and Jole said that he hit a homerun, and then joked, “It was an in-the-park homerun. If you play softball, if you just keep running, someone is going to make a mistake. And the ball was flying all over the place. It was like, dreams are coming true!”

About hanging out with Bad Bunny, Joel said, I saw, we were hanging out, yea see, there you go, I am so old–They were like Bad Bunny is going to be there. I am like, sounds like a Funko Pop.”

He said, “…and then he showed up– In the meantime, Jimmy’s bandmate played the drum, and Joel jokes, “How dare you–I just wanna say I got rim shot by an Oscar winner. That’s a dream come true right there.” Joel continued, “When I told my 14-year-old, Do you know who Bad Bunny is? and he was like, ugh! and then he walked out of the room, and I was like, I guess you do.”

Joel’s “The Bear” And “Celebrity Beef”

Jimmy also spoke about Joel being on a show called ” The Bear”, and that he hasn’t seen it yet. He joked that he hasn’t seen the other show as well. Jimmy revealed that the show is made for him because he loves cooking. Joel revealed that he was in the show for like 3 minutes only. However, he has gotten more response from that show than an entire year on a sitcom on CBS.

If you don’t know this, The Bear is an American drama television series created by Christopher Storer. The series received critical acclaim and was renewed for a second season in July. It’s basically about a young chef from the world of fine dining coming home to Chicago to run his family’s Italian beef sandwich shop.

Jimmy revealed that he cannot wait to watch it because he knows that he is gonna love the show. After a few jokes, Jimmy asked Joel about “Celebrity Beef”, and explained that it is a competition series where Joel is the host, the judge and he set it up. Joel joked, “yea, it’s like my TED Talk.

Joel revealed that this is an important show because it’s very sophisticated, it’s basically celebrities cooking and yelling at each other over small–” Well, you get the sarcasm there. Jimmy asked, “So it’s two celebrity friends? Joel said, “Yea, and they just have a little–some sort–Rachel Harris and Cheryl Hines were on.”

Joel explains that Rachel Harris always changes hotel rooms and it really makes Cheryl mad. He said, “So it’s the extent of the argument. It’s not like, you killed my father!” Jimmy added, “it’s fun but it’s cooking and it’s screwing around.” Well, Jole is both quick and funny, which he always is.

Jimmy then played the clip from the show and revealed that Celebrity Beef airs Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on E! Apart from this, McHale gained fame after hosting The Soup, a satirical weekly television show on E! television network.

Throughout the show, he takes the audience through the oddities and ridiculous happenings of the week on television. He also frequently appears as a co-host on Loveline and was a judge on Iron Chef America. Well, he’s certainly got something huge for cooking.

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