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Jenny Mollen Shares The Horrific Story Of ‘Slow and Subtle’ Sexual Assault In Spa

Angel actress, Jenny Mollen, who is also a published essayist, shared a horrific story of sexual assault in millennium spa. She detailed the harrowing incident of 2020 in an essay titled “Tell Me a Time You Were Molested,” which she posted on Substack last week. The actress revealed how she fell victim to “slow and subtle” assault by a massage therapist in an NYC spa.

Jenny Mollen’s Harrowing 80-Minute Spa Treatment

American actress, Jenny Mollen narrated a horrific incident wherein an NYC massage therapist ended up masturbating her, under the guise of therapy. The actress, who is married to American Pie star, Jason Biggs, shared in a recently published essay, “Tell Me a Time You Were Molested”, that she was sexually assaulted during a massage treatment.

“I’d been invited to the millennial spa for a comped massage and an adaptogen-infused latte with the understanding that I would talk favorably about the experience on social media,” Mollen, 43, described the 80-minute spa session.

“Despite his initial comments about respecting my space and modesty, the therapist didn’t try to avoid my glutes nor did he seem self-conscious about getting too close to my breasts,” she continued.

Mollen further narrated that he even prodded her with his fingers, which felt as wide as Olive Garden breadsticks, and contorted her into various positions, “folding me in half like I was some kind of Magician’s assistant.” While she wasn’t comfortable with the “forwardness”.

After draping his arms around her shoulder, the therapist tipped her backward as if it was some romantic moment. She quickly realized that the act wasn’t a part of the spa treatment. “I felt one of his hands move from my stomach to the gap between my breasts. ‘Can I touch here?’ he half-whispered, sitting me back up and moving his hands over my breasts, she wrote.

She said she went into a state of trans after sixty minutes into the therapy. She was asked to sit on the table, facing the wall. She described the therapist’s touch as sensual but felt innocuous under other circumstances. “We were barely alone in a zero-tolerance, female-founded girl spa covered in fiddle figs, face oils, and Oprah-inspired literature,” she expressed.

Even though she barely opened her eyes, she expressed that she wouldn’t have been surprised to find a “fresco the notorious RBG” watching over her from the ceiling. Jenny Mollen was accompanied by her mom to the place, who later asked her daughter, “Jen, your sweats are inside out.” Instead, Mollen asked her to slam her matcha and get her purse.

Jenny Mollen Was Left Frozen In Shock

Jenny Mollen revealed that she had no reason to not trust the professional. But then, he began to masturbate her. He continued “stroking and rubbing my chest when suddenly his hand moved to my vagina,” she explained in her essay.

She knew it was wrong but not in a violent way. It was so slow and subtle that she was left confused. “Frozen in shock, I thought I was hallucinating,” she added. Mollen struggled to speak but the therapist suddenly kissed her on her lips and put his tongue in her mouth. Not only this, but he also started licking her ni**les.

“‘No…uh. I… can’t I’m married.’ I declined,” the actress confronted him after a lot of struggle. She revealed that the therapist stopped and suddenly launched into an apology. Mollen has a brief conversation with the therapist about their children. However, he cracked a dark joke when he said, “‘I have to be extra careful to make sure I’m not raising two little rapists.”

She also related the incident to a previous story she was told by one of her girlfriends. “I recall a girlfriend years ago telling me that she shared a cigarette with the man who tied her up in an abandoned apartment and raped her,” she added. Then, Mollen couldn’t understand much, but after this incident, it all made sense.

Jenny’s Mom Wanted To Confront The Therapist

Jenny revealed that the incident impacted her so much that when she was crossing the street and heading towards Soho, she looked over her shoulder ten times, “checking to be sure he wasn’t following us with a baseball bat, chainsaw, or some other timeless phallic symbol used to dismember women.”

When she finally shared the incident with her mother, she wanted to go back in there. But Jenny protested, “We can’t. I don’t want him to know who I am or where I live. She admitted that she was scared of coming out with her story. She wrote, “I just wanted to get under my covers and hide.”

When Jenny’s mom convinced her to call the spa owner and file a complaint. Instead, the receptionist casually said that there have been two instances wherein the therapist had massaged too close to peoples’ inner thighs,” and there had been no issues. She claimed that he’d worked for the company for two and a half years and was the most requested of all her therapists.

“His wife would kill him” she noted, and then asked “if he had asked permission before touching my boobs.” “Why didn’t you say, “no” when he made a move? “Why didn’t you scream for help? Why didn’t you run away?” Jenny kept questioning herself. She felt more angry about herself than the person who put her in the situation.

The actress revealed that after two days of hiding in the bed, she visited a police station to inquire about pressing charges, but decided not to. She later discovered that he was fired from the spa and there was a complaint against his massage license.

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