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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals That He Broke His Feet While Filming The Walking Dead

As The Walking Dead’s final season was filmed, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was injured on the show’s set in the middle of shooting.

According to reports, the 56-year-old actor who plays Negan on the show has detailed how he suffered fractures on both feet in an interview.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Suffered Fractures To Both Feet While On The Set Of In The Course Of Filming

Jeffrey Dean Morgan hasn’t always had an easy life during the apocalypse. He revealed to fans on Twitter in March, a few weeks after the final episode of season six of “The Walking Dead,” that he had “broken” his foot a long time ago as he worked on the show. Morgan plays the reformed Negan on the show.

“Didn’t want to go to hospital and risk covid. Finally went…yup. It’s broke,” Morgan wrote on Twitter in March. “Nothing I can do until I’m home. All good. Been working entire time. I only cry like… 3 times a day. Maybe 4.”

There has been a lot of follow-up on social media throughout the past few months as the star completed filming “TWD” after postponing surgery. Lasted about 17 to 18 months instead of the usual six months due to the expansion of its final 11th season rather than an average six months. In an interview with Insider, Morgan explained that the injury he sustained wasn’t just one foot but both feet during his explanation of him how he broke his foot during the finale’s red carpet.

Morgan told Insider that he injured both feet while filming when asked about the injuries he sustained. However, it was not until later that he realized they were broken that he noticed them. “I think I had, honestly, just shoes that weren’t very good and just jumping, landing a few times,” Morgan said when asked about the incident. “It started as kind of nothing, a hairline fracture. And then it got worse. The bones in my heel aren’t smooth anymore.”

According to Morgan, he developed a hernia at that time, which was treated alongside another foot, and he underwent surgery for that hernia to be treated. It has been almost a year since he shared his recovery photo, but he has not revealed the reason for his surgery.

Season Eight Also Saw Andrew Lincoln Break His Nose In A Fight Scene

There have been injuries sustained by Morgan or another cast member on the show’s set, but this isn’t the first time. During a fight scene in season eight between Morgan and Andrew Lincoln, Morgan revealed in 2017 that Lincoln had fractured his nose after being punched by Lincoln. During the set of the series finale, Reedus sustained an injury, leading to his absence from the series.

Morgan was asked about his feelings toward the series’ ending and what it meant to him to be a part of it, and he said, “It meant the world.”

Know About Jeffrey Dean Morgan

In the zombie-horror television series ‘The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan played a role known as the antagonist ‘Negan,’ and he is best known for his portrayal of this part. While he was still in high school, Jeffrey envisioned becoming a professional basketball player in the NBA, a dream he had since he was young.

Unfortunately, his dream of playing basketball was cut short by an unfortunate injury. For a while after college, he was involved in graphic design until he decided that he would give acting a try instead. He was soon on his way to Los Angeles, where he settled. A small part played by him in the movie Uncaged in 1991 marked his acting debut. In the 1990s, he had minor roles in TV shows and films throughout the country.

Since the mid-2000s, he has been receiving more and more recognition for his professional acting skills and has been receiving the respect for them that he deserves. In the past decade, he has appeared in many successful series, including ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and ‘Red vs. Blue.’

In 2009, he achieved his most significant breakthrough as an actor by playing the role of ‘The Comedian’ in the superhero drama, Watchmen. In addition, he was a major villain in the cult show ‘The Walking Dead’ for the seventh and eighth seasons of the show. As a character in the series he has been widely regarded as one of the best characters in the series.

It was clear to everyone that Morgan’s role as Negan was one of the most impressive they had seen. Are you a fan of his work as an actor? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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